Sen. Chuck Schumer to call for Walmart and other large gun retailers to voluntarily cease selling assault weapons


Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

The only statement that Senator Schumer made that has a semblance of being correct in the article below is,  “I find this totally off the charts — it’s total lunacy.”

New York sanctimonious Senior Senator Chuck U. Schumer.


But of course he wasn’t referring to the entire charade of politicians and their sycophants in the media continuing to perpetuate the fraud that more gun control will lead to less violence.

Will getting rid of computer keyboards, pens and pencils eliminate the misspelled word? 

Schumer and his ilk must come to terms with a simple fact that there is evil in the world.  Taking weapons away from law-abiding citizens is not the answer. 

When an unbalanced balanced individual or individuals decide they want to commit murder or mayhem, the need only go to the Internet to get easy to follow directions on making pipe bombs or IED’s.

To further the point, if guns are needed to kill, one might consider channeling the spirit of General George Armstrong Custer and ask him what was up with all the arrows and tomahawks flying during the massacre of the Little Big Horn.

Title of the picture below: ” Look Ma, no guns” artist unknown.

General Custer with U.S. Army Troops in the Little Bighorn Battlefield, June 25, 1876, Little Bighorn River, Montana
One need only look at the FBI statistics which clearly show that an armed population is a safer population.
Crime Rates Down Across the Board

Not only has the crime rate NOT significantly increased with the unemployment rate, but violent crime and property crime rates have decreased over the last several years.

In fact, the violent crime rate fell in the United States by 12% in 2010 (the most recent statistics available from the Bureau of Justice Statistics).


It is virtually impossible to have a reasoned conversation with the liberal mine on most issues because they refuse to deal in the factual rather than the emotional.

Thus they are left with their continued knee jerk responses to “fix” a real or imagined problem without giving thought to the unintended consequences of their legislation they propose. 

Schumer will write to the CEOs of seven national chains, charging that their outlets are putting people’s lives in danger.


 Sen. Chuck Schumer will call for the nation’s largest gun retailers to voluntarily cease selling assault weapons while Congress debates stricter firearms legislation, the Daily News has learned.

Schumer will write to the CEOs of Walmart, the Sports Authority, Gander Mountain and four other national chains, charging that their outlets are putting people’s lives in danger.

“Since the Sandy Hook shooting, the sales of assault weapons are skyrocketing,” Schumer (D-N.Y.) told The News.

“We have no idea how many people [buying the guns] are mentally ill, or how many are felons,” he continued. “If Congress passes measures to reduce availability of these weapons, those efforts could be undermined by the purchase of thousands of weapons before then.”

The White House task force on guns, led by Vice President Biden, is expected to present its ideas to President Obama this week. (complete article below)

In the wake of the Newtown, Conn., school shooting, Obama has vowed to make gun control a priority in his second term — which is all but certain to spark a legislative war with Republicans and their allies in the National Rifle Association.

Schumer wants the moratorium on assault weapons and high-capacity clips to last for as many months as it takes to pass legislation — that means it will include “Gun Appreciation Day,” which is scheduled for next Saturday.

The so-called holiday is the brainchild of gun owners who want as many Americans as possible to purchase weapons that day to protest the possibility of new firearms legislation.

“I find this totally off the charts — it’s total lunacy,” said Schumer.

Though acknowledging that Walmart has rebuffed previous calls for gun restrictions, New York’s senior senator urged citizens to call their local retailers.

“They need public pressure, they might listen to that,” Schumer said.

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5 responses to “Sen. Chuck Schumer to call for Walmart and other large gun retailers to voluntarily cease selling assault weapons

  1. I guess up-Chuck Schumer doesn’t visit Wal-Mart very often. I have two wal mart’s close by, and neither one of them sell Assult Weapons. They don’t even sell Hand Guns, and make you Sign your name if you tell the girl at the register the Ammo is for a Handgun. They Do however sell a Lot of Assult Hammers, and Assult Baseball Bats. And No License or Registration required.

  2. When are these idiots going to get through their heads it is not the legal gun owners who are shooting up place? It is the ILLEGAL use of guns causing all the problems!!!!! They can take all our guns and ammo away and the next day they will still be blown away by Johnny Lawless and his automatic whatever!

  3. Chuckie Schumer’s mombmental hubris is rivaled in scope only by Barak Obama’s pathological narcissism and superiority complex.

  4. Earlier today, someone posted (after his research) that all mass murders and school shootings, since Columbine, in 1999, had been committed by liberal democrats, or the children of liberal democrats. He suggested, if we want “real gun safety”, we should ban all liberal democrats from owning weapons. I have a better suggestion – -we should just ban all liberal democrats!

  5. I saw an ad today that is selling everything you need!

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