A message from Senator Rand Paul: When he spent the time reading the entire gun ban law proposed by Feinstein in his words, “My jaw hit the floor.”

god-bless-americaComment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

This was received in an Email today from Senator Paul. We the People are fortunate to have people like him in office who are willing to stand on principle and fight the good fight.

imagesRand Paul speaking out on Feinstein’s audacious gun grab         Photo@ Creative Commons

This site has stated repeatedly, this legislation will not pass the House and very likely the Senate as the senator discusses in the video below. 

gun-control-cartoon-drug-warDianne Feinstein discusses logic

Sen. Rand Paul Will Introduce Legislation to ‘Nullify’ Obama’s Executive Orders on Guns: From the Blaze.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

Dear fellow Patriot,

My jaw hit the floor.

After reading Senator Dianne Feinstein’s new so-called “Assault Weapons” Ban, I can only describe this radical scheme as the effective end of the Second Amendment in America.

In the video above Senator Rand Paul outlines how he will introduce legislation to take apart Obama’s Executive Orders should Feinstein’s legislation pass.

The gun-grabbers are going for broke, doing everything they can to “cash in” on the recent tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.

They’re targeting EVERYTHING, rifles, shotguns, and even hand guns, and every gun owner and gun purchase is to be cataloged and tracked by the federal government.

That’s why it’s absolutely critical you act IMMEDIATELY.

As you’ll see, I’ve enclosed a special Emergency Second Amendment directive, please  write all your federal representatives at one time by clicking here. Insist that your Representative and Senators vote against this radical scheme.  Complete article below.

President Obama’s Administration is announcing it will “push forward quickly” on gun control — and Vice President Joe Biden is promising it will be a “done deal” in a matter of weeks!

If Feinsteins’s Gun Ban were to pass, it would  ban the sale, transfer, importation, and manufacturing of 120 specifically named rifles, shotguns and handguns!

*** Ban the sale, transfer, importation and manufacturing of ALL firearms with a detachable magazine and at least one “military characteristic,”  which could mean just about “anything that makes a gun look scary.”

*** Ban the sale, transfer, importation, and manufacturing of magazines holding more than 10 rounds;

*** Force owners of ALL “grandfathered” weapons to undergo an intrusive background check and fingerprinting , treating law-abiding citizens like criminals.

*** Force owners of ALL “grandfathered” weapons to  federally registered their guns after obtaining  a permission slip from the local law enforcement, showing their guns are not in violation of state or local law.

That’s right.  If you own a $10 magazine that’s more than 10 rounds, you’ll have to register it with the BATFE in their National Firearms Registry.

The ban on “transfers” means you and I can forget about ever handing down one of these guns to our kids and grandchildren.

Worse, it could mean widows become instant felons if their husbands owned one of these banned magazines or firearms!

Make no mistake, the gun-grabbers’ true motive and agenda behind gun registration has always been the same, outright gun CONFISCATION ad to do that the must first register ever gun and gun owner.

Then Senator Feinstein will be able to achieve her publicly stated goal:

“Mr. and Mrs. America, turn ‘em all in.”

I can hardly even think about what a DISASTER for our country it would be should President Obama, Senator Feinstein and their anti-gun pals succeed in ramming this monstrosity down our throats.

This is exactly the WRONG move for our country, for our liberties and for our safety.

That’s something you’re not hearing from the anti-gun propagandists in the national media

While the truth is, increasing gun sales in America in recent years has led to lower crime rates.

The same is true all over the world.

Studies show countries with low rates of civilian firearms ownership are the most violent.  Countries with the highest rate of civilian gun ownership are the safest.

Just look to nearby Mexico if you want to see an example of the gun-grabbers’ idea of utopia.  Effectively ruled by violent drug gangs in many areas, Mexico is a cesspool of rape, violence and murder.

That’s why I’ve agreed to help the National Association for Gun Rights fight back to stop this Gun Ban and help lead the fight AGAINST the gun-grabbers.

They’re tough.  They’re principled.  And they know how to win.

They know the ONLY way you and I win this fight is if my colleagues here in Congress understand that voting for gun control will mean the END of their political careers . . .

And they’re busy mobilizing pro-gun Americans all over the country to make sure Congress gets that message loud and clear.

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4 thoughts on “A message from Senator Rand Paul: When he spent the time reading the entire gun ban law proposed by Feinstein in his words, “My jaw hit the floor.”

  1. This gun-hating craze started with the Kennedy family in the 1960s, after the assassination of JFK and RFK. The Kennedy family was enraged by the assassinations (of course!) but when no one was punished for the death of JFK, Edward swore he’d get even with the American people for killing his brother, just as if the assassination of JFK was the fault of the American people. Teddy was so bent on revenge that it twisted him into the monster he was that time on ’til his death in 2009.. He vengfully sought to disarm all Americans as payback for the killing of this brothers. He misused his political power and influence to confuse the American people about who or what is responsible for shooting deaths.

  2. Obama drips with compassion because 20 schoolchildren were massacred in Connecticut. We get it.


    Where was the legislative outrage when innocent white people were killed by black thugs? I could cite a dozen instances of horrific brutality.

    Ignored. Covered up. Deflected.

    Where, again, was the outrage when innocent people were killed by hit-and-run drivers, often illegal aliens? The list of those victims is long.

    Where was the legislative outrage when people’s lives were turned upside down by identity theft? Again, many of them illegals.

    Ignored. Deflected. Or, worse, rewarded.

    Travesty is morphing into tragedy.

    There is one word for this: betrayal.

  3. Ted Kennedy got his revenge in the immigration act of 1965.

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