The Jihad against Jihad Watch

god-bless-americaComment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist and Patriot.

This has happened to me repeatedly by the pimply faced Nazi’s led by Mark Zuckerburg at Face Book. 


I’ve been banished from his empire repeatedly until his stock began dropping through the floor.  The stock dropped to 19 below half its IPO.

Today it is currently trading at $30.00 per share apparently he has a way to go to continue to make his share holders happy.

Perhaps I’ve been lucky with my companion site, The Dangers of Allah as it clearly doesn’t draw the traffic that we receive at We the People and for that I thank all my readers and contributors.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message. 

From 1389

by Hesperado

Mickey Mouse with sword

It’s pretty clear by now: Muslims and their Leftist supporters have been waging a cyber-war against Jihad Watch to try to cripple it, or disable it, or — as Leftist Islamopologist Nathan Lean put it, referring to Robert Spencer — to “Take him down”.

Hack attacks on the Internet would constitute a type of jihad of the pen (jihad-bil-kalam) — or we could say, a subtype of that type of jihad, which we could term the “jihad of the mouse” (jihad-bil-farfur).

This cyber jihad against Jihad Watch has apparently mainly targeted its comments sections — perhaps because they are the most vulnerable; or perhaps because the Islamopologists realize (something Spencer himself doesn’t seem to quite fully appreciate) that the comments section are the very heart of Jihad Watch and form a vibrant and informative community where individuals from all over the world come together not only to express their moral outrage and witty disdain for malignant Muslims, but also to vent their frustration at the West’s continuing myopia about Islam — and, perhaps most productively, to exchange myriad pieces of information about our ongoing crucial war of ideas by which we all hope to steer this ship, the U.S.S. Occidental, around from its Titanically blundering course toward the tip of the iceberg. (more below)

Another thing about this cyber jihad: it seems to have been long in coming, and coming in stages or bits and pieces. For a long time, commenters were beset by their comments taking too long to appear, and then receiving an error message of a “gateway timeout”. Then, about a month ago, things got worse. And in the last week it is out of control. At times, the word “Comments” has vanished from the bottom of each Jihad Watch article, rendering it impossible, obviously, to enter the comments field. At other times, one enters, only to find no “Sign in” by which to register and begin to comment. Or, one finds it, and proceeds with the sign in process, but finds several other problems may beset the conclusion of the process.

I have even found a few times that when I try to open the main Jihad Watch site, I get an error message that implies I have been disconnected — but I have not, because I can open other websites. Or, other times it just takes forever to open Jihad Watch.

Another permutation I have noticed in the last couple of days: On the rare few times you can sign in to comment, then click “Submit”, and wait for that seemingly interminable spiral to finish spiralling — you may find you receive the message that your comment has been “successfully submitted”. But then you go back to check — and it’s not there! This just happened to me this evening.

Whatever these Islamopologist mice are doing as they busily burrow into the interstices behind and beneath Jihad Watch to chew on its wiring, it’s having a strangely disparate effect, almost as though they are doing the best they can with their mischief, but are confronting certain limitations blocking their way from full success.

Now is the time for supporters of Jihad Watch who know about computers and about the complex field of Internet codes to contact Robert Spencer and lend him a hand. I regretfully must bow out, as I am so techno-illiterate, I don’t even know why or how electricity works.


I just tried to visit the Gates of Vienna blog — and unprecedentedly, I got this error message:

Blog has been removed

Sorry, the blog at has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs.


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4 thoughts on “The Jihad against Jihad Watch

  1. Sotero’s intention of controlling the internet are becoming more real day by day. He has most MSM and newspapers, TV stations, radio stations…. all the news sources the masses read for information.. The internet is his last….

  2. These sites are very valuable to the public. They are speaking he truth and like Obama they can’t handle it and don’t want the people to know the truth. These people are so barbaric and evil and I will continuie to inform using this site or others. Noone can control the internet – Obama must be stopped and his lovefest with Islam is costing the USA zillions of dollars. Just waiting for someone with a spine to impeach for Obama is giving guns to the enemy. Disarm the US and arm the enemy what is so hard to understand about this.

  3. I went through much of what you discribe on the blaze site today, and it lasted for quite some time.

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