Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper, and Patriot.

Yes this is the change we have been waiting for. 

It seems the walls are closing in on the administration of Barack Hussein Obama, in the past week he has been rebuked by a federal court for unconstitutional acts.

images-3Nixon had balls do you Sparky?

Now it looks as though he has finally been nailed using a fake Social Security Number.

Perhaps the Reverend Right said it best when he wasn’t damning America, “The chickens are coming home to roost.”

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

The Obama Hustle

H/T 1 dragon

SSA FOIA Response Confirms Barack Obama Stole Harry Bounel’s Social Security Number

Obama Failed E-Verify

This is part of the followup to the report on the 1940 Census posted here.

Excerpt Via Al @ The Obama Hustle

Evidentiary finding #6

The following Image is the 1940 Census document discovered by Leslie Bishop a genealogy expert with over 25 years of experience showing the individual, Harry Bounel residing in Bronx, NY. At the time of this Census he was 50 yrs old making his birth year 1890 (get it?) Refer to evidentiary finding #1 for the 1890 DOB anomaly.

The following image will prove that Harry Bounel did in fact exist and that he was in fact born in 1890, the same year as associated with the SSN that Obama stole. This image details Harry Bounel with his DOB of 1890 as stated in the PDF that Susan Daniels sent me in June of 2011. Harry Bounel’s listing is on line (48). Refer to evidentiary finding #1

The above image does in fact prove that Obama’s alter ego Harry Bounel did in fact exist and was a resident of the Bronx in 1940 when this US Census was taken. This discovery was in fact accomplished with the expertise of Leslie Bishop who has well over 25 years of geneology experience.

This discovery led Leslie to inquire about having a FOIA discovery of SSA records with Harry Bounel and the SSN of 042-68-4425 just to verify that the record could in fact exist and that the proof that Obama has been using a stolen social security number could in fact and finally be proven.

In September of 2012 Leslie did in fact complete her FOIA request from the Social Security Administration on the search for Harry Bounel’s social security number. She completed the FOIA request. Leslie specifically requested information for, Harry Bounel with the SSN 042-68-4425 and this is what she received:

It was known in 2008 and discussed that Obama’s election was rigged then.

Evidentiary finding #7

The following image is of the letter that Leslie received back from the SSA pertaining to her specific FOIA request for Harry Bounel’s SSN verification for the SSN of 042-68-4425. Now, bear in mind that if he were still alive Harry Bounel would be well over 120 years old. (Entire article below)

There is one Numident record for each SSN ever assigned. A numident is the social security number itself. It, the number is only assigned once and is never used again unless it is stolen.

Leslie received this letter in response to her specific search of Harry Bounel’s record using the SSN 042-64-4425 and the letter which she received was a letter protecting the information for a 120 year old man who is long since dead.

“They acknowledged my request for THAT numident and denied my request. In other words, that record exists and since there is only one Numident per SS# and that Numident for Harry Bounel with SS# 042-68-4425 apparently exists, then its not possible that O is using that number legally and it is apparent that Bounel is the original holder of that number.” As stated by Leslie Bishop.

Based on the evidence provided in this article and by the individuals listed in this article that have supplied the evidentiary findings for this article, The Obama Hustle has determined that Barack H Obama has committed several counts of social security fraud and should be brought to justice for his high crimes and misdemeanors against the American people.

The Obama Hustle also defies anyone to disprove these findings as stated within this article.

BACKGROUND ON OBAMA SS#2006: Obama In Kenya: I Am So Proud To Come Back Home – VIDEO HERE2007: Michelle Obama Declares Obama Is Kenyan And America Is Mean – VIDEO HERE

2008: Michelle Obama Declares Barack Obama’s Home Country Is Kenya – VIDEO HERE

FLASHBACK: Obama Is The Original Birther! Obama In 1991 Stated In His Own Bio He Was Born In Kenya. DETAILS HERE


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  2. sounds like something we would go to the movies and watch. the thing hear it is real life.a while back i also read alot of people thought obama was bari shabazz a fugitive from honalulu,hawii in 1982 who moved to new york if memeory serves.i think it was because of the presidents scar on his head or i really can’t remember. but this id. fraud is something that the supreme courts should address being in charge of we the people and trusting our very lives in his hand’s .we should not fear the government as they are trying to make happen . the government should fear the people.with thefacts so laid out it wouls be one of the worst corrupt courts if nothing done.with the health care our freedom on everything is held on a breaking string.if obama was a republican he would have been impeached over going to war gpoing over congress in fact i remeber joe bidne at that time wanted to press for impeachmentlatter on down the road in ayear we lose 4 american’s i do not feel moving on is the answer to that fact. they were brushed of but it could have been that it was your famly memebr. how in the world do they think they would have felt it were.too many things showing dictaorship alone is grounds for impeachment let alone fraud charges. this is still america and time to remember the battle of our forefathers who won our freedom to let it slip away like the ones who gave ther very life for our freedom. we can be strong and proud once again. and this years election was so very nasty. binden telling the black folks that republicans were going to put them in shakels . we the people can not say set the salves free. the republicans are not bad people but have lost their spirit to stand up for america but i think they are getting it back.all who have risked their very life to stand up to see america is set free of lies threaths and bondage. thank you and may God keep you safe and his light be with you and protect you.

  3. This is the Best news for our country in a long time. He is so covered in grease that he seems to slip out of everything. With the Lib Pravda, News Networks riding shotgun for this weasel it’s hard to get any positive responses from the uninformed and low information bunch. He is covered with sleezy lies. He needs to be outed by we who know the truth if we are ever to send this guy from the White House to the Big House, or at least give him a one-way ticket back to Kenya.

    • here is the lastest. His entire family is using the same social security number. If you go to drudgereportdotcom on youtube you will get caught. Alabama is going to hear this case. Others will follow. There is also a group that meet at CPAC that is going to move this along and bring it out in the open. They are saying 3-6 months with a minth gone already.

      This is for real. It is five years in the making but we are dealing with pros here. SOOn prepare for mass riots.

    • Debra Look at this girl friend. Who loves ya darling. Glenn Beck to blow this Boston thing wide open.

      This Obama is a fraud and for folks to be posting and not concentrating on removing this man from office is stroking themselves.

      Always start at the beginning. Healthcare, energy, gay rights, global warming, these murders at Sandy Hook and Boston is all crap. NO differnt than 9-11.

  4. Folks need to concentrate on the fraud. That’s a message for someone out there. I have been telling you this for years. Screw all this other crap folks write about. It is a waste. The Obama administration is all a fraud and we are focusing on all this other crap. WASTE OF FRIGGEN TIME>

    Want to impress me join in the fight America. This blog should concentrate SOLEY on this fraud and nothing else because everything is meaningless

  5. You have been tricked America and folks chasing all this other stuff have been wasting time and energy when you could of been trying to expose the truth of the lie. The start of the lie not the middle or the end. No laws and regulations and executive orders.

    YOU HAVE BEEN WASTING TIME and now 5 years has gone by and Americans are hungry. Congratulations for wasting time and letting this man run over us

  6. WASTING your time and our time.

  7. Wasting time. Nothing on Sandy Hook and it is a friggen ABORTION. Nothing on this blog about Sandy Hook

    1. Where is the man they took out of the woods?
    2. Why is Adams death cert dated the day before shooting?
    3. Where is the guy who got his car towed?
    4. Where is the video to the new camera installed?
    5. Why did our government steal a kids photo off of facebook and use it
    when the child has never been in Con?
    6. why were first responders already at firehouse before shooting? DOZENS of cops and swat teams
    7. Where is the footage of the 600 students being evacuted with helicopters all over the sky
    8. Show me one phone camera that taped ANYTHING

    I got lots more.

    When are we going to do the hard work. WE HAVE WASTED OUR TIME on these blogs chasing our tails for shit that does not matter

  8. Alex Jones is on this. I’m not a fan but look at what he has.

  9. Basically had to point out I’m just glad I happened on the website!

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