Muslim sanitation: You can’t make this stuff up!


Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist and Patriot.

The concept of Muslims and sanitation seem a bit incongruent  when one considers they may practice necrophilia, that’s right though they dispute a man my have sex with his dead wife within 6 hours of her demise. 


It’s a way of saying good-bye, after all men treat women to terrifically while they are alive.

They also have sex with barn yard animals.  


What? You thought I would B.S. you?  Not a chance.

1389 Counter Jihad

Muhammad, Camel Urine, and Hygiene: A Response to Huffington Post’s Craig Considine


by Acts17Apologetics

Read the sources here.

Islamophilic Huffington Post contributor Craig Considine recently compared Muhammad to George Washington on the issue of personal hygiene. We have to wonder whether Considine has ever read the Muslim sources.

8 thoughts on “Muslim sanitation: You can’t make this stuff up!

  1. This so called religion is sick and twisted. It takes sex and turns it into something vile and evil. Animals please how barbaric is that. These people are pure evil.

  2. It makes you want to throw up and then If the muslims get more and more inthe USA it makes you tell your kids not oto have any kids if this is what the USA will come to if we dont get rid of Obama

  3. Sorry, but ovomit and his buddies just creep me out BIG time!!!!! They all look nasty and you are to respect the dead not violate them you IDIOTS!!!!! Yuck,Yuck & Yuck!!!

  4. These are the people that are filing Obaminations cabinet as full time , salary earning representatives of WE, the people. If nothing is done about his constitutional error of appointing during recess, when he was told not to do it, we all are going to be in deeper than we are now. That will afford him carte blanche on our constitution and he will really turn lose then.
    He has advisors to tell him anything he is not sure of, and he was told, but he did not care. I am praying that action is taken that will result in impeachment or at least a great censure that will alert him to the terms that allow him to have his bony Kenyan ass in the oval office. Our constitution also does not allow him to chair the UN either, but there he is. He is so corrupt and evil that his politics are life threatening, and he has shown us that is his intention.

  5. In a culture suffering a chronic alcohol deficiency (but has nothing against hash, opium,.and ghat), I suppose this sort of silly behavior is only to be expected.

  6. Who knows, perhaps Consadine doesn’t practice “hygiene” himself?? Perhaps he doesn’t even know “what” constitutes hygiene!

  7. This is the middle of the article. It IS very interesting.
    The Muslim prophecies listed here are found in the Quran and the Sunnah. Mohammed was possessed by a demon who gave him these parallel prophecies (Mohammed actually said that he feared he was possessed), but it could simply be that he had a copy of the book of Revelation and patterned this all after the bible so as to look authentic. Personally, I believe he was either possessed or given this information and guided to build the Islamic religion by a demon or the devil himself.
    Please read all of it: and read chapters 7, 8 and 10.

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