Allen West smack down of Soledad “Victim In America” O’Brien

6942893128_9e5bd91cda_zComment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper, and Patriot.

One again CNN demonstrates why its ratings continue to plummet. 


soledad-obrien-tatWonder Woman

Their “journalista,” Soledad O’Brien is a complete embarrassment journalism and the concept of a free press in America.  

She is blistered by Allen West and is so well scripted that she has no clue that it was happening. 

Some fireworks between CNN’s Soledad  O’Brien and former  Congressman Allen West.

This was originally aired in April of last year and is so classic I thought you might like to see it if you missed it or see it again.

O’Brien is notorious for her more artificial than Katie Couric perky exterior while underneath it all she is seething disdain and contempt for her Republican guests.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.


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6 thoughts on “Allen West smack down of Soledad “Victim In America” O’Brien

  1. I’m still hoping Allen West will someday lead a 3rd Party in the USA, a genuine Conservative Party, OR miraculously put on the Republican Ticket in ’16. My bets are not on the latter ever happening with RINOS controlling the GOP.
    TTV (True The Vote) has filed lawsuit against Supervisor of Elections in St. Lucie county, FL over mishandling of Allen West recount where he was FRAUDULENTLY CHEATED out of a Congressional Seat.

  2. Proven voter fraud against Allen West and his own party folds like a cheap accordian!

  3. Those idiot puppets are not used to dealing with the truth,they just can’t recognize it…she is an IDIOT!!! She is an obot along with so very many millions of others! They make me sick!
    Allen West should never even stoop to trying to answer a brainless persons question! He is so far above her she’ll never get it!!

  4. Soledad is just a left wing blow hard. OMG, she is NOT a journalist, she’s just a bottom dwelling hack.

  5. I understand slurp-slurp may be pushed out at CNN soon…she’s been negotiating to get her original street corner back.

  6. Way to go, Colonel West! I did not think anyone could be as unprofessional and pretentiously perky as Katie Couric, but Soledad O’Brien is definitely running her a close second! Her air of bemused condescension, not to mention her very rude, in-your-face taunting behavior towards one of this nation’s great military heroes makes me want to reach into the screen and slap that smug, 1,000 watt fake smile right off her face!

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