Are the tides and winds of change tuning on Obama

6942893128_9e5bd91cda_zComment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper, and Patriot.

Orly Taitz is clearly a bulldog. 

It seems from a credibility standpoint backing off of the “Obama Nazi Judge” epithet serves little purpose and damages her already tarnished credibility at least among the “Obama Nazi Judges.”

4f4edd6f7b9d2.image_-300x210 Closet Nazi Federal Judge Richard Cebull, a Disgrace to the Judiciary But Not an Anomaly

There can be no question that the vast majority of judges are Obama aficionados and now is the time to find out which among them with uphold their oath to protect the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.  

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

From Orly Taitz, Esq.

The tide is turning: Judges are starting to rise against Obama Nazi Judges, who harass and intimidate with bogus sanctions attorneys who provide the courts with evidence of forgery in fraud in Obama’s IDs.

Please, see below information on sanctions brought against patriots by judges in Nazi Germany, you will see the pattern    

February 4, 2013

I am submitting today a response to Judge Guilford and submitting an actual Notice of Ruling from a case in Judge Marginis regarding rule 1987.2 sanction there (currently being appealed in the Court of Appeal), as I was defamed in a minute order by Judge Guilford as attorney Berg manipulated the court and hidden from the judge the actual Notice of ruling, stating that $4,000 was under RULE 1987.2.

A bigger picture is that there is a  pattern of OBAMA-NAZI JUDGES intentionally harassing the plaintiffs with bogus sanctions in order to hide Obama’s forged IDs, judges who intentionally commit treason in aiding and abetting the usurpation of the U.S. Presidency by a foreign national with forged IDs by covering up all evidence of forgery and attempt to harass the patriots and assassinate their character by defamatory opinions and sanctions.

Retired Justice of the Supreme Court of Washington State Richard Sanders now took upon himself representation of pro se plaintiff Linda Jordan, who was similarly harassed by Obama-Nazi judges in the state of Washington.

Complete article below.

See below the press release by Justice Sanders and an article about functions of judges in Nazi Germany. You can see that the judges in the United States are similarly following either oral or written decrees from the regime and harassing civil rights leaders with bogus sanctions. If we do not rise against Obama and Obama-Nazi judges, Obama-Nazi officials and controlled Obama-Nazi media, the regime will become more bald, after they realise that they cannot silence with monetary sanctions the civil rights leaders standing up to usurper Obama, they will incarcerate the civil rights leaders deeming them domestic terrorists under the NDAA. this is why it is so important to rise against this Nazi regime of the usurper Obama. Monetary sanctions, economic losses will be followed by the loss of liberty and loss of life. Let us not forget that Hitler came to power in 1932, the actual mass incarcerations and Holocaust did not happen until 1942.

There is a peculiar coincidence. One of my relatives was a translator at Nuremberg trials. He spoke 5 languages: Russian, German, English, French and Moldovan(Romanian) which is very close to Italian. Another translator worked as a professor at the Punahoa school in Hawaii and taught Obama. So both of us got the same information, same fact pattern, but made different conclusions. Obama’s conclusion from the Nuremberg trials is that one can still achieve the deprivation of rights of citizens by making it more seamless, more gradual, using more fraud, forgery, falsification of records and the most corrupt individuals as officials and judges. My conclusion is that tyranny and deprivation of rights cannot last forever, that criminals do get caught and tried and pay with their lives sooner or later.

I believe my conclusion is correct. What do you think?   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   I Retired Washington State Supreme Court Justice Fights Linda Jordan’s $13,000 Sanctions For Challenging Obama’s Forged Identity Documents; The Government Is Hiding The Ball To Oppress A Patriotic Private Citizen; It’s Time To Fight
– Birther Report Exclusive –

As many know Linda Jordan was sanctioned $13,000 for challenging Obama’s identity document fraud and his placement on the state of Washington’s ballot. Linda reached out to many attorneys seeking advice on what she could do about the unjust fees levied against her. Only one was brave enough to step up to the plate and take on her case. His name is Richard B. Sanders from the Goodstein Law Group in Tacoma, Washington. Mr. Sanders was a justice on the Washington Supreme Court from 1995 to 2010. contacted Mr. Sanders for a public statement on why he decided to take on Linda Jordan’s plight. Mr. Sanders provided the following statement on February 3rd, 2013. And, he didn’t hold back!

Statement from the Honorable Richard B. Sanders:

For the first time in 17 years, 15 of those sitting on the Washington Supreme Court, I have agreed to represent a private citizen. And I am pleased to lend Linda Jordan a helping hand.

In good faith Ms. Jordan commenced an action to question President Obama’s name on the ballot. She did the best she could with limited resources and no legal training. The government’s response was immediate and in some respects heavy handed. Having obtained a summary dismissal of her case, and then her appeal, the attorney general went further to demand the Secretary of State be reimbursed, claiming attorney fees amounting to almost $13,000. However what the attorney general did not tell the court is that the Secretary never actually paid this amount, nor was he billed this amount, nor probably anything close to it. The number is made up, pure fiction. The AG did not disclose the actual amount to the court probably because the objective is to get a punitive judgment for as much as he can without regard to actual expenditures which were much less.

My motion to modify and reduce the court clerk’s award of almost $13,000 will attempt to direct the court’s attention to the truth of the matter: that once again the government is hiding the ball to oppress a patriotic private citizen of modest means because she exercised her right to access the courts. This is not compensatory but punitive. It is not justice but oppression. Moreover $13,000 is truly an outlandish sum to obtain dismissal of an appeal the AG claimed was entirely lacking in merit. No wonder people mistrust the government, lawyers and the court system. It’s time to fight.

Richard B. Sanders

Lawyer – end –

Linda Jordan provided the following statement on February 3rd, 2013:

I am humbled, grateful and hopeful to have Richard Sanders representing me. The Courts do, after all, play a role in the effort to reveal the truth and serve justice.” – Linda Jordan –

Here’s a pertinent quote taken from one of Mr. Sanders many legal writings/speeches titled, “The King of America“:

An independent judiciary is essential to preserve the Rule of Law. The judiciary cannot serve as handmaidens to powerful interests and, at the same time, protect the rights of individual citizens who are threatened precisely because they are economically weak or politically unpopular.

To stand by the Rule of Law judges must be impartial. They must not presume the government is always right. They must not defer to the government. They must not restrain themselves from defending the legal rights of the individual. There is no virtue in such restraint. It is dereliction of judicial duty.
.” – Honorable Richard B. Sanders -~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hitler’s Successful Rise to Power   and its Effects on the German Judiciary By Adrienne Yerdon


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5 thoughts on “Are the tides and winds of change tuning on Obama

  1. Please God, help us be free again!

  2. There really IS a God, then, isn’t there?

  3. Just talked to former Judge Sanders and offered to help in any way possible, even if I say he is eligible, the papers should have been filed legally and correctly and weren’t. A simple affidavit form the president that he did not know the truth and get his real records should have ended it. UNLESS the KS records show a revocation of citizenship which puts Sec of Sate Kris Kobach really derelict in his duties. Granted my eye witness testimony is birth in the USA and real dad dead and marriage to Obama Sr for convenience of both and no intimation ever he is the Dad and birth at Forbes air Force Base Hospital all At Topeka If one has the emotional stamina to be president , then they should be able to find out the truth of their origins and forgive his immediate family for trying to protect him and his mother out of fear for their safety and then not telling him. Forgiving those we live when they do things they should not have done, is part of being an ‘over comer’ of the past. correctly and weren’t and every citizen should have the right to question something so vital as whom we to vote for and I consider this no different than if this citizen had questioned someone voting when she knew their papers weren’t in order either. As far as I;m concerned 50 Sec of states have had two opportunities to get this straightened out and didn’t. And big money is still being made off of the discrepancies. Thanks for breaking the story of the name of the attorney. I;m not publishing his phone number, as he needs to spend is time working on the case of a citizens; right to question when so much evidence shows something is not right and the authorities should have done their job and seen the right birth certificate was on file. And if a 50 years old is learning for the first time who he is and where he was born, the truth will set him free and he may get to now the extended family of his real Dad and i wouldn’t be the one asking for justice for the murder of a classmate and two others that died in the racist attack on the President;s parents and he, unborn. HE WOULD be asking Eric Holder Attorney General to look into the matter under the civil rights laws and not me who only knew him as a fellow student. Linda Joy Adams

  4. was born, that;s a truth that sets one free.

    Richard B sanders 206- 999-9350 He doesn;t want to get into the birther issues, just help her gt out from under the fine which is unconsciounalbe sine the info shows clearly something is amiss. But as I;ve been telling every oe the key is in Topeka Ks. and if the topeka per would help on this, then  some news articles and annoucments could help her.. ( I got the phone number fomr a non profit org he wrok with and htink its heis personal number so did not put it in my comment.) I thank you for the opprotunity to share on your site een if I don;t consideer my self a birthe, but a truther.

    >________________________________ >From: We the People >To: >Sent: Monday, February 4, 2013 12:46 PM >Subject: [New post] Are the tides and winds of change tuning on Obama > >jcscuba posted: “Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper, and Patriot. Orly Taitz is clearly a bulldog.  It seems from a credibility standpoint backing off of the “Obama Nazi Judge” epithet serves little purpose and damages her already tarnished cr” >

  5. It does seem as if we are “over run” by “nazi/fascist judges”, under obama-soetoro ILLEGAL occupancy of the White House! Unfortunately, Dr. Orly Taitz isn’t the only one being “slapped around” by an “illegal judiciary”!! We cannot impeach what “isn’t”; the muslim, currently occupying the oval office, is doing so “illegally”, therefore US military arrest is a MUST! This has been proven many times over, by various people that include Sheriff Joe Arpaia and his Cold Case Posse; Susan Daniels, a PI from Ohio and others and, now, Mrs. Linda Jordan, of Washington State. As one of “his employers”, she took it upon herself (rightfully) to run obama-soetoro through E-Verify. And guess what? The government’s OWN E-Verify website says “he is NOT eligible” to work in these United States. Mrs. Jordan submitted her findings (all in black and white) to WA State Supreme Court; all 5 “justices” DISMISSED the law suit as “frivolous” and FINED her $13,000 (thirteen thousand) dollars!!! Here is an ordinary housewife and mother, who took the information put out by the Cold Case Posse, a certified PI and others, submitted it to the courts and is “punished” for trying to protect her country! Of course, WA States new governor is a democrat and will do nothing, but I SAY there are 5 “justices” who need to be impeached, arrested and prosecuted for TREASON! This article was released, in a video just today, by P P Simmons; you may still be able to find it on youtube, or the WND website. Ordinary citizen, Mrs. Linda Jordan was willing to “stick her neck way out”, because she fears for the safety and security of our nation- – we are being SABOTAGED FROM WITHIN by an illegal alien, muslim spy, who seems to have his tentacles everywhere, in throughout the judiciary! I say IT IS TIME to bring an END to this! I applaud the stand taken by the (retired) Honorable Richard Sanders, to assist Mrs. Jordan, in this urgent matter!

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