The difference between Raven fans and San Francisco 49er fans

2013-01-30-SuperBowl47logoComment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

As a Citizen Journalist and Patriot I believe it is my patriot duty to bring this story to you which doubtlessly will not be shown by the media.

It really couldn’t be more clear than this.

-2A. I have a hot looking girl friend, AKA Ms. Oregon

-1B. My daughter needs to have a serious discussion with my son-in-law.

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4 thoughts on “The difference between Raven fans and San Francisco 49er fans

  1. Ah, brings back the good old days with the Pittsburgh Steelers of the 1970s. We threw up on Rodeo Drive during Super Bowl XlV weekend, while L.A. Ram fans stole our Terrible Towel idea and turned it into “Rammy Whammies!” Thankfully, no public faggotry those days, but California teams were leading the way even then.

  2. Sorry to say, that girl’s breasts look far too perfect to be real! Furthermore, while it might be hip to be queer in Hollywood, in the real world I am getting sick really fast of the constant in-your-face promotion of homosexuality by the social media. If someone chooses to be gay, well, let them be gay. But let them keep it to themselves, please.

  3. PS: Otherwise, I might have to start wearing my “Proud To Be A Heterosexual Housewife” tee-shirt on a regular basis. Also, don’t you agree that it is long overdue not just for a celebration of White History Month, but Straight Pride Day too?


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