Know your rights: Top DHS Refusals

god-bless-america by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

Great footage of travelers in automobiles refusing to answer any border patrol agents questions and refusing to comply with their so-called direct orders.


Apparently the border patrol doesn’t have the authority it believes it has.

Enjoy watching them cave in each time a citizen that understands the Constitution deals with them.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message. 

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4 thoughts on “Know your rights: Top DHS Refusals

  1. What sort of “border patrol” patrols a state-to-state border? I used to travel the I-5 all the time from Seattle to Vancouver & back many years ago, but the “border inspection” was practically ON the border (of TWO countries!) – NOT “fifty miles away!!” It seems like a very odd set of circumstances. I’d have no problem saying I’m a citizen of the USA – but that’s all!!

  2. The purpose of these checkpoints has NOTHING to do with law enforcement or the catching of illegals in order to deport them. That should be clear from the Obama Regime’s policy of REFUSING to deport illegals OR to permit US States from doing so.
    These checkpoints exist in order to intimidate AND to get American citizens USED to being questioned, used to federal officials breaking the law and trampling on the Constitution. It’s their aim to, one day, have Americans routinely say “gee, there’s another checkpoint,” and submit to any criminal actions of those who man it.
    We must NOT submit. The Regime is hoping to breed a race of American sheep. We must act like tigers!

    • By God, Doug, that was BRILLIANTLY stated!! In fact, I’ve printed it out and intend to carry it in the glove compartment of my little car, on the rare chance that I’ll be driving down to San Diego & back (where I now recall that about half-hour or so north of SD, there are a series of “checkpoints” WELL WITHIN the state boundaries – and AT LEAST 50 miles north of the
      US/Mexican Border!). So, that’s a great case in point – I hadn’t been to Mexico and was only returning from San Diego, but those damn checkoints were stopping EVERYONE, even though we were well within our rights to drive – UNINTERRUPTED & NON-DETAINED! And I shall read it, word for word, when they ask for name, rank & serial number!!

  3. Good info here. thanks

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