Remember WD-40? prepare to be amazed here is WD-41


Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

The video below was put on You Tube in November of 2012.  Since that time it has received over 5 million views.


The product obviously appears to exist, but trying to find out about it was next to impossible and I’m not satisfied with the one site I’ve put a link to below.

Type into any search engine WD-41 and you will find all the information you want about the the musical and art group by the same name.


That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

WD-40’s “Secret Sauce.”

Sorry folks, it appears that the 50+-year-old formulation of WD-40 remains a secret today.  Any information that you may encounter alleging the disclosure of the “secret sauce” is inaccurate.


Background on WD-41 here

One thing we must do is correct any misinformation that may be harmful to either our consumers or our good name.  Specifically, the listing of incorrect and poorly defined ingredients and safety information.

Myth: WD-40 Multi-Use Product is not really a lubricant.
While the “W-D” in WD-40 stands for Water Displacement, WD-40 Multi-Use Product is a unique, special blend of lubricants. The product’s formulation also contains anti-cohttps agents and ingredients for penetration, water displacement and soil removal. Complete article below

Stoddard Solvent

Myth: WD-40 contains Stoddard Solvent.
Over the past few decades, the name Stoddard Solvent was synonymous with all mineral spirits.  Today, the mineral spirits found in products like ours are more refined and processed (see hydrogenation, hydrotreating and distillation techniques) providing mixtures with varying boiling points, cleaning ability, and chemical composition.

The catchall phrase “Stoddard Solvent” is no longer adequate to tell the proper story. WD-40 does indeed have 50% mineral spirits, but they are refined and purified for specific characteristics needed to meet today’s performance, regulatory, and safety requirements.

Health and Safety

Information derived from our Material Safety Data Sheet and referred to for the general use of our product can be misleading.  MSDS information is for the workplace and not primarily intended for the general consumer.  For the general consumer, the product label provides the key safety and usage information.

WD-40 and Bike’s

Myth: WD-40 Multi-Use Product should not be used on bike chains.
While WD-40 Multi-Use Product it is not a grease, it is formulated with strong lubricating oils and other ingredients, and is a terrific product to use for bike maintenance. It does not attract dirt or moisture to metal surfaces – just be sure to wipe off any excess WD-40 Multi-Use Product before riding.

For long-term lubrication and other specialized bicycle maintenance needs, check out WD-40® BIKE. Developed specifically for cyclists and mechanics, this high-performance line of bicycle care products is sure to become a mainstay in the toolboxes of bike mechanics for decades.

WD-40’s Original Founder

Myth: Ken East is WD-40’s original founder.
While Ken East is often referred to as one of WD-40’s original founders, he used to say, “Heck, I ain’t that old.”  Ken was the facility manager at WD-40 Company’s San Diego headquarters and was affectionately known as “The Brewmaster.”  He mixed up batches of our secret sauce for over 15 years and was often heard to proudly proclaim, “I absolutely LOVE my job!” Ken happily retired in 2009.

As mentioned in our corporate and brand history, Norm Larsen, founder of Rocket Chemical Company, is considered the original founder of WD-40.  Read the real story behind WD-40.

What a Fish story!

Myth: WD-40 contains fish oil.
Consumers have told us over the years that they have caught some of the biggest fish ever after protecting their fish hooks and lures with WD-40.  We believe this legend came from folks assuming that the product must contain fish oil since it appears to attract fish.  Sorry Charlie®, it just ain’t so.

WD-40 Company has taken steps to respect and conserve the environment, and encourages its users to do the same.  While WD-40 can be used to help protect fishing equipment from rust and corrosion, WD-40 Company does not recommend using WD-40 to attract fish.

“WD-40 Cures Arthritis!”  No Way.

Myth: WD-40 cures arthritis.
This popular headline, appearing at least once a year in the tabloids, is completely FALSE.  WD-40 Company does not recommend the use of WD-40 for medical purposes, and knows no reason why WD-40 would be effective for arthritis pain relief.  WD-40 contains petroleum distillates and should be handled with the same precautions for any product containing this type of material.

Fun Facts About WD-40

  • A bus driver in Asia used WD-40 to remove a python, which had coiled itself around the undercarriage of his bus.
  • Police officers used WD-40 to remove a naked burglar trapped in an air conditioning vent.
  • Crayola® Stain Removal Tips recommends using WD-40 to remove (regular) crayon marks from a variety of surfaces.
  • The WD-40 Book, featuring many user testimonials and the wacky humor of Jim & Tim, The Duct Tape GuysTM, was published in 1997.  The familiar blue and yellow can has been featured in other books ranging from The Big Damn Book of Sheer Manliness (General Publishing 1997) and Polish Your Furniture With Pantyhose (Hyperion 1995) to WD-40 for the Soul: A Guide To Mending Everything
  • Leslie Nielsen portrayed agent Dick Steele (a.k.a., Agent WD-40) in the 1996 movie Spy Hard.
  • WD-40 has a Fan Club with more than 100,000 members.  Join today and share your stories, get free, fun downloads, check out the eNewsletter, receive the eTip of the week, and much more…
  • WD-40 has its own social network, the Money-Saving Tool community, where members can submit stories, photos and videos about ways to save money.
  • As The Duct Tape Guys say, “You only need two tools in life, Duct Tape® and WD-40.  If it’s not stuck and it’s supposed to be, Duct Tape it.  If it’s stuck and it’s not supposed to be, WD-40 it.”

So, keep using your WD-40.  You can find a list of over 2,000 uses from our loyal users here.  If you find a new use, please let us know.  And, if you really need the secret formula, you can find it……written on a single notepad……locked in a vault……somewhere in California……if you can get in.

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12 thoughts on “Remember WD-40? prepare to be amazed here is WD-41


  2. WD-40 is so named because it took 40 attempts to get the formula correct…so when you f-up…or have f-d up…it’s ok..get up and get keep going till you get it right….

  3. WD-40 is one of my very favorite products EVER!!! I don’t know what I would do without it!
    So is this new stuff really WD-41 or is it the Ultra-Ever Dry made by WD-40? I’m confused! I don’t care who makes it I want some:)
    Thanks Jim for this great article!

  4. Jim,,,,,oh yeah,w-d-40.still use it today,,locks,jacks anything needing a lite lube..heck when i was into fishing for bass,used to spray alittle on my plastic baits to make them smell and it actually triggered strikes or at least i think it did. the stuff has a wide variety of uses

  5. I have always had WD-40 at home. Another little thing to have that is helpful…if you have a CPU is one of those “air cans”. I don’t know what they are called. You squish it and blows the dust out of the inside of your CPU.
    Cool thing to have!

  6. WD-40 (originally made here in San Diego) is merely a mix of refined diesel and mineral spirits. Its main virtue is being a penetrating solvent. And YES, it dries out, leaving a thick surface film of whatever it dissolved.

  7. Where can we buy WD-41?

  8. Great post however , I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this topic?
    I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit further. Appreciate it!

    • This just in….

      Ultra ever dry…Hydrophonic coating is only sold for commercial use. Rust oleum will be packaging & marketing it for consumer use soon. Sounds to good to be true. Rust Oleum # is 1-800-385-9566

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  11. So … Is there a compound WD-41? What sre it’s properties? Something smells fishy… Aha! Fish oil instead of Snake oil !

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