Conservatives March on the IRS Building; IRS Agents Respond by Mocking Protesters

Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.


Let us not forget the words and wisdom of one of our most important founding fathers. 

“When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”~Thomas Jefferson .

Imagine, this was a gathering of main stream folks, moms, dads and grandparents. As the scandal continues to unravel it’s going to be “Katie Bar the Door.”

The news media was there to cover it, have you seen it on the media yet? 

imagesObama’s Gestapo

by Amalaur

Downtown Cincinnati, home of some of the conservative groups targeted by the IRS, saw one of the nation’s largest protests today. It began in Fountain Square, two blocks away from the federal complex that houses a large IRS office.

Several Gadsden flags were flying proudly as I approached the Square.

Facing a busy Fifth Street, protesters waved signs at cars.

One man covered his face with a bandanna; the mark of a citizen afraid of his own government.

Facing Fifth Street

All of the news networks seemed to be there.

The march to the IRS office begins.

My guess at the crowd size was between 500 and 1,000.

The crowd stretched for several blocks as the march unfolded.

The crowd approaches the federal building.

Very little sidewalk space kept the crowd somewhat dispersed.

The view from near the front.

The crowd filters across the street.

Facing the IRS offices.

Looking north as the crowd spills onto the street.

A DHS “Federal Police” vehicle was parked in front.No one poop on the vehicle, unlike the Occupy rallies.

Some of the crowd never appeared to make it across the street to the federal building for lack of space.

Imagine this is happening at just one IRS office

This sign incensed the crowd.  It was slapped up onto the window by an IRS employee.  Yea Hugo, the IRS will one day be as dead as you.

“Oh, my – that was easy.”

I slid between a bunch of people to get to the building entrance.

This is the view from the federal building’s skywalk.

Watching the crowd, a federal employee (an IRS agent, I suppose) was standing nearby and he said to a co-worker:

“We should get their I.D.s.”

I don’t think he was kidding.

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11 thoughts on “Conservatives March on the IRS Building; IRS Agents Respond by Mocking Protesters

  1. I know the black men have the million man march every year…we need to have a 10+million people march in front of every government building in every state in the US and let the scummy muslims and communist know we mean business!
    I am so sick of playing their hideous games when are we going to put an end to this madness ????

  2. there should have been a sniper around somewhere! And HIS (agents) Id wouldnt be needed anymore!
    Anyway the video wouldnt play!

  3. Thanks for the pictures and how the march went…. I 2 am sick of Obma and his Chicago thugs and its tiem to get him out of the WH… He is a mnwho hates america so we dont need him..

  4. How did I miss knowing this was going on today? I would have been there in a heartbeat!

  5. GREAT! You know you were all filed away in some database. So damn what! Should’ve mooned them. Looks like a great success!

  6. The Poster Is An Ad For Applying for S.S.
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  7. Let U.S.All quit enabling these goons, please… Don’t file don’t pay… Leave them crying in the rain…ALL OF U.S.NOW… My GOD we are feeding ”THE BEAST”… My friends the IRS has and is still terrorizing families and friends …You and your neighbors one by one… Let’s expose these snakes for who they really are,they hide behind the color of ”LAW???” How many would testify, how agents have terrorized them and their families. We need the lists of all that have been victims and contact them for testimony… Then protect them… There are millions of personal horror stories that must be exposed!!!! GOD ”DAMN THEM” now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. What’s the most powerful gubmnt agency doing with Hugo Chavez posters? Have they got these things sitting around in these offices? Who paid for them? Why are they there?
    What a contrast- outside the office, yearning freedom, inside, reigning Marxism.

  9. We have to support the federal government someway, but why the income tax and IRS. I want the Fair Tax. Here is the website where you can read the Fair Tax bill HR25 that is before congress:
    No more tax forms to fill out, no more income tax, no more payroll tax , no more estate and gift tax. A 23% consumption tax (sales tax) is the way to go in a global economy. It is the only way you can tax the production of large global companies.
    If you want more information about the Fair tax go here:
    Sixty representatives and seven senators already support the Fair Tax bill but we have to get more.

  10. Really think that tax bill would pass Yellow? OMG I doubt it. IF this REGIME continues there wont BE a tax! It will be ALL government money! And WE will be allowed a small portion! Just enuff to barely survive on! I support OUT WITH SOCIALISM! And NO funding or taxes if thats what it takes. Which will mean WAR!!!!!!! Death! Bloodshed! Fair ISNT what this Admin wants! They want it all!!!!
    I agree commentman! How many MEN and WOMEN in this country WOULD actually testify, or draw arms? To protect the country from its OWN government out to destroy! WELL id put MY name in the FIRST slot! I got nothing to lose!

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