“Mr. & Mrs. Class”

crew-223Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.


Say what you like about him, President George W. Bush was the right President for the right time. 


His plan was to be the “Education President,” but Arab Terrorists got in the way of his plan.


Never one interested in photo-ops, the current occupant at the oval office can’t get bye without them.


The parents of those who died on the alleged take down of Osama bin Laden asked the president not to come to Dover, AFB.  Apparently he couldn’t stop himself.


It sure is nice to be proud of an American President!!! (Wonder when we’ll have another one?)

There’s a group of ladies in the Dallas area who make stuffed neck pillows for soldiers coming through Dallas Fort Worth airport. They go to the airport and meet the incoming planes every week and greet the soldiers coming back for a few weeks R&R, give them a pillow, tell them they pray for them, and thank them for their service. The lady who took the pictures said everyone was so surprised to see George and Laura Bush recently just standing quietly in the waiting area with others who come to meet the troop planes. She said it was amazing to watch the faces of the soldiers light up in recognition when they spotted them and that many came over to speak and shake hands.

History will treat President George W. Bush as the man he is and was during his two terms as U.S. President.

For the past 4 years he has invited wounded warriors to ride with him at his ranch in Crawford, TX on a grueling 60 mile race.

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4 thoughts on ““Mr. & Mrs. Class”

  1. From JC to K Scott.

    Bush was not a puppet, he was a war time president that listened to his Commanders, then made decisions. Unlike Obama who listens to few in this area but fired those that didn’t agree with him.

    As to the so-called affordable housing act, you might look into that one. Carter started it and Clinton put it on Steroids. In fact it was Bush that ordered hearings that warned that FM and FM were unsound. Franklin Rains, Maxine Waters. Chris Dodd tried to make it a race card play. In the end the bubble crashed has Bush’s people had warned.


    My beef with Bush was that he wasted the money on the Medicare prescription drug plan, and listened to the wrong economic advisers and bought into the first bail out. Nothing is to big to fail and poorly run companies should have been allowed to do so. As I said History written by true historians will judge them favorably.. J.C.

    Not to take anything away from “Dubya” but he was the precursor for this current misfit.
    G.W. allowed himself to be too much of a puppet with many pulling at his strings.
    His government allowed the debacle known as the Affordable Housing Act to go through, which led to the mortgage bubble burst in 2008. This fiasco, and HUD Secretary Cuomo and supported by the majority Democrat Senate opened the doors for Obama’s entrance into the Oval Office.

    The government expanded under G.W. Bush. Obama has expanded it more, even doubling the size.

    Even so, George W. Bush was a likeable guy and still is. He was a weak President though, relying too much on his military advisors and manipulators who knew there was a buck to be made in the Middle East wars of Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Give me another Ronald Reagan any day. He wasn’t perfect by any means but he did a hell of a lot for America and for the world.

  2. On Hannity right now they are discussing the Fast Food industry strike. Workers want $15 an hour. What will this do for the FF Industry? It will either kill it or many people will be laid-off. STUPID!

  3. Whatever else, at least he’s human and has a heart. Unlike the current occupant of the White House

  4. Say what you will about “Dubya”- -understand, I was upset with him until I realized he was “outvoted” by a “dimwitted majority” in the Congress. He was weak, only in the sense he didn’t have the same gift of “convincing gab” that Reagan had.

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