Laura Logan discusses her rape in Egypt but fails to come clean on the alleged death of Osama bin Laden

crew-223Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

When I originally covered this story, I had an interview with Laura Logan demonstrating here knowledge of the situation, and got the SEALS to open up to here. 



I was fired from the National Examiner for refusing their inexplicable request to pull this story.  I said no way, they sent me my check immediately.

She was completely fit enough to accompany the SEAL TEAM but for what ever reason it has been removed.

An inside look at an incredible woman CBS senior correspondent Lara Logan

Just who is Lara Logan?  Readers of the Examiner know that she was the woman correspondent from CBS brutally raped in Egypt.


Senior International Correspondent Laura Logan

She is an absolutely amazing woman who has spent more time in Afghanistan and Iraq than many soldiers.

She has a particular disdain for the US media and blames them for not covering the actual news pertaining to US and coalition forces on the ground

As you will observe while watching the accompanying videos the SEALS open up to her. They do so for one word, Respect.  Can you imagine Anderson Cooper getting these Special Operators to talk? It would never happen.

Video pulled

The Committee to Protect Journalists may be able to say that 44 journalists from around the world were killed last year because of their work, but the group doesn’t keep data on sexual assault and rape.

Most journalists just don’t report it. CBS correspondent Lara Logan has broken that code of silence. She has covered some of the most dangerous stories in the world, and done a lot of brave things in her career.

Entire article below.

But her decision to go public earlier this week with her attack by a mob in Tahrir Square in Cairo was by far the bravest. Hospitalized for days, she is still recuperating from the attack, described by CBS as a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating.

She was born in Durbin, South Africa in 1971, and is best known as the Intrepid Iraq reporter for CBS News.  The videos to the left show her accompanying Navy Seals on raids.  She is a courageous woman who accurately reports the news.

Lara Logan’s reports from Afghanistan, Iraq and other global hot spots earned her a job reporting for CBS News in 2002. Only 31 at the time, Lara Logan had already spent more than a dozen years in the news business, beginning with jobs writing for The Daily News and The Sunday Tribune of Durban, South Africa while attending the University of Natal.

After graduating in 1992 she worked in a wide variety of journalism jobs: as a producer for Reuters Television, a freelance correspondent for CNN, and as a correspondent for the British morning news program GMTV, where she began to be known for her international reporting.

Upon joining CBS in 2002 she became a correspondent for the network’s radio news and the magazine program 60 Minutes II as well as for The CBS Evening News.

Logan’s good looks are part of her story: she modeled swimsuits for local advertisements while in college, was a favorite of British tabloids while with GMTV, and was called a “War Zone It Girl’” in a 2005 New York Times profile. CBS named her its chief foreign affairs correspondent in 2008.

Sadly she has been in the news again after CBS News announced that Logan had been hospitalized after being assaulted by crowds in Cairo while covering the Egyptian rebellion.

To understand her professionalism and zest for her work the reader must watch a video or two of her in the middle of combat.  The US needs reporters like Lara Logan in a very big way.

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