Earth to Dick Morris: You Blew It On Your “Perfect” Solution for Gun Control

By Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

I’m sending this to Dick Morris as soon as it’s posted.

Ordinarily this author is a fan of Dick Morris. (And will likely to be so as anyone can have a bad trip to the mound as they say in baseball.

In his offering below he could not be more off base. 


He demonstrates nothing more than using figures to attempt to show cause and effect when no such correlation exists.



The “Perfect Solution,” was written as the 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights in the United States Constitution. 


Try reading it again the please consider a retraction.

What happened you your critical thinking skills Mr. Morris when you posted this one?

As you wax on about the great effect of the “Brady Bill,” preventing gun purchases, by felons, those that have been found guilty of domestic abuse, put in a metal hospital, etc. 

Do you really believe that those listed above, if they wanted a gun would need to buy one legally do you? 

How many of those so classified buy their guns in the “Black Market?”

Of course it sounds reasonable to have some sort of gun registration and selection process.  The problem is you are either for the 2nd Amendment as written into the list or against it.

How long do you really believe that those who believe they rule us will broaden the list?

When you offer the solution of taking the best of the left and combining the best of the right, this is little more than RINO speak.

Yes gun purchases have doubled from 9 to 19 million during the first 5 years of Obama’s tyrannical rule from the Oval Offices. 

Yes crimes have gone down because we have become a well armed populace. 

Where are the correlations between the above two  sentences?

FBI Statics have demonstrated that, as well as knives, hammers, and baseball bats being involved in more homicides than guns. 

Smoke um if you got um,  Mr. Morris at ease.  You blew this one big time.

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6 thoughts on “Earth to Dick Morris: You Blew It On Your “Perfect” Solution for Gun Control

  1. Yep turn in your guns and the Government will protect you /Hows that working in the Ukrain?

  2. Kerry does do Funerals

  3. Question: Dick Morris says that 2,000,000 people have been denied the right to purchase guns becasue of the Brady bill background check (he then proceeds to break that number down to felons, convicted domestic abusers, people on bail,etc) Does this mean that 2,000,000 people could have been denied the purchase of a gun if they chose to do so, or does it mean 2,000,000 people actually walked up to a gun store and tried to buy a gun? Statistics are misleading.

    • There is no law and nothing that can be done to keep those who want a gun from purchasing them. Licensing them is just one more step on the road to confiscation. I seriously doubt the statistic that two million people attempted to buy guns legally? Isn’t it easier to just pick up a Saturday Night Special on the Black Market?
      Thanks for your comments, Miss Julie, they are always appreciated. I’m J.C. and I run the circus.

  4. Incrementalism: give them a meter, they’ll take a kilometer. It never ends once it starts.

    What can you expect from Morris, a Clintonoid.

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