He will be missed by the losers of the world.

carterhugocropPicking losers was Jimmy’s strong suit.


Get this dude some pre-need  counseling in Plains, GA


His obituary was written on the date he threw the Shaw under the bus. The failed attempt to rescue the hostages happened on his watch proving once again he was never fit for command.


Carter couldn’t walk and chew gum at the same time


Pro Palestine Nobel Peace Prize Winner for Peace he didn’t bring.

Jimmy Carter, Rosalynn Carter, Hugo Wentzel, Amy CarterAs the saying goes, never be photographed with a drink in your hand as that is how you will be remembered.  Perhaps the peanut farmer would like a do over?

Jimmy-Carter-DhimmiPerfect, dig a hole and throw him in it.


Carter was to dumb to be evil Obama is evil.


No doubt about it!


Repeat offender of the Logan Act

Just like Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize for Causing no Peace. That’s how it goes in socialist countries, it’s not Outcomes but the thought that counts.

The spent so much time holding hands and kissing Carter may as well have been dating Arafat on the taxpayers dime. Like his buddy Jimmy Arafat was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing.

The entire Jackass is Jimmy Carter, not just the asshole

And that’s the way the fool played it

Obama blamed everything he could

Another psychotic break for the peanut farmer

There can no longer be any doubt, DNA is wonderful

Don’t anybody tell him Obama is already in

All dressed up for date with Arifat

Absolutely nothing under the hat to protect

Never wanted you in the first place

Terrorist wannabe Jimmy C.


How about a tie?


  1. Doctor Baldwin your take on Obama is exactly what I have said over and over. I knew him before he was elected as the Communist he is. It is true that the American citizenry has and is being dumbed down to the point that it is scary to say the least, if this isn’t the case then how could a devout Communist become elected to our highest office even two times. I see you are Army I was in the real military, the U.S Navy but I don’t hold that against you.

  2. Vanessa I thank you for informing me about this web site, as I’m new here and had no idea it was mentally handicapped, I want to be P.C at all times so calling the web site mentally handicapped and not any specific person that name is P.C.

  3. Mildor Sands if you want a real circus just visit the White House the people running the circus there put Barnum and Bailey to shame.and forget about J C’s circus it pales when comparing the two, sorry J C but thats how I see it.

  4. From J.C. to Dick

    you pepole are all sick instead of down grading the president of the united states as you seem to relish especially if hes a sick bastards, go get a job and stop your frigging wining.

    You certainly prove that the liberal mind bereft of any solutions result to what it does best call names, swear and make complete morons out of yourselves.

    I will post this comment for inflight entertainment for those of us who have a clue.

    I your party if you were carpet bombed with clues you couldn’t find one.

    Enlighten us with you sage advise, What has Obama done to make our country better. You have no answer so I won’t be looking for your comment.

    Your new friend J.C.

  5. wonderful points altogether, you simply received a new reader.
    What might you recommend about your submit that you made some days ago?
    Any certain?

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