The Nancy Pelosi Hall of Shame

Terminal dingbat, Nancy Pelosi., said she had never been briefed when records produced showed she was lying she attempted to lie her way out of the situation.  It’s what radicals in the Democrat party do.

Nannars Pelosi is clearly the most vapid white member of congress. Doubt me?

This just in! Pelosi says “Hamas is a Humanitarian organization.”

Yep Nancy and the don’t want to exterminate all Jews and the state of Israel either.

She belongs strapped down to a gurney in a padded cell receiving a steady drip of Haldol, a horse tranquilizer frequently used on psychotic individuals which the videos below will prove conclusively.

This one is great, she is talking down and lying about a bill she co-sponsored.  Perhaps she should read a bill before she sponsors it”

On October 30, 2014 when asked about the Republicans making gains and taking the senate she inexplicably rattled off the following.


June 28th On Obama’s contrived border crisis.


Still blaming Bush, forever sealing the Olympic Gold Medal for being dumber than a post. With Pelosi, we have “Taxation without Representation.”

Seriously in need of an enema and much, much more, Pelosi asserts that Obama has been a Bipartisan President and that she comes to Washington to do the work of the people. 

Remember this them song from Dragnet whenever the vapid one opens her mouth.  Dumb de Dumb-Dumb.

Explaining that which cannot lucidly be explained.

Does anybody have a clue what she just said in the video below?

Pelosi Blames Bush for IRS Scandal!


Nancy Peolsi’s Brain Tumor.

Here she tries to defend Obama Care







Who knows what is coming next she certainly doesn’t

One must presume that means picking their pockets, NO?

As she is lying through her teeth.

The Number of People Who Have Reportedly Signed Up for Obamacare Is Embarrassingly Low

I kinda hate to put this one up because it’s and insult to all women, but it’s pure Nancy.


How many lies can you count in the videos below?

How it all began, and went down hill precipitously.

Don’t you just love those teeth?  The phrase dumber than a post comes immediately to mind after this one.

Pelosi couldn’t come close to discussing the Constitution if it jumped up and bit her in the butt.  She would have to read it first to find out what’s in it.


12 responses to “The Nancy Pelosi Hall of Shame

  1. Carole Mathyssen

    Loved this – made my day start real late.

    • Well now pleas come back, I promise to deliver material not covered by the media, and buried by the government, I source my statements, and I have a great time using my twisted sense of humor to get the message out. Thanks for your comment Carole.

  2. Can’t use the willfull suspension of dis-belief that any of them were truly and duly elected

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  7. Is it just me, or is there something disconnected about how Pelosi uses her hand gestures relative to what she is speaking about?? She would be booted from the Happy Hands Club!

  8. I saved the 16-minute address for last. This woman is so dangerously stupid. Does she not know anything about Clinton’s relationship with Sandy Wiel l(?) and Travelers Ins, Citigroup, the repeal of Glass Steagall, Brooksley Born and Clinton-Greenspan-Summers, et al shutting her up. Bush was probably the most down to earth president we’ve had in a long time….

  9. How could anybody vote for imbeciles like Pelosi or Reed. Especially when then they speak publicly? The current admin is awash with high ranking people who know nothing about that which they are supposed to preside over…All of them!!! We need new blood in government offices from the pres to the lowest elected officials and also term limits so they can’t feed from the public thougth ( sp) for their entire useless lives!!!

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  11. Seriously Jim, listening to this much Pelosi is a fate worse than water boarding !!! Which of course she knows absolutly nothing about. 😳 It ticked me off the most when these country and constitution destroying politicians pass judgement on our service members because of a PTSD diagnosis. First of all they may want to educate themselves in how PTSD really affects people. The victims of PTSD are not running the streets looking for people to kill, that job is covered by the Liberal’s voting base. A room full of narcissistic politicians who’s only purpose for serving is self gratification are infinately more dangerous to this country and her people than 20 VA hospitals full of armed PTSD affected veterans. Given the choice I will feel safer standing with the vets any day.

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