ABOUT ME:  The images on this page are in place with the same lack of rhyme and reason that those we have elected continue to hold us hostage and fail to represent us.




 Since 9-11 I’ve studied Islam Islamo-fascism, see my companion site at The Dangers of Allah.

I am firmly devoted to bringing you the truth and the stories that the mainstream media ignores. Together we can restore our constitutional republic to what the founding fathers envisioned and fight back against  the progressive movement, Obama and the liberal media.

My career was in the pharmaceutical industry as a Clinical Research Liaison for the development of Cancer drugs for  approval by the FDA. Before that, I was in general sales, government sales, marketing and advertising. During that period I took post-graduate board review courses in Hematology and Oncology at Harvard University, M.D. Anderson, and NYU. A fantastic and very interesting career.




I picked up my interest in writing as a propaganda writer while in the 306th Psychological Operations Battalion, during Vietnam. I didn’t have to go there. Think Robbin Williams in the movie,  Good Morning Vietnam, that was what I was trained to do.

I enjoy basketball, especially the Carolina TarHeels love the Dodgers, played twice with them at their fantasy camp.  I read everything I can get my hands on.

I enjoy shooting a number of weapons, and treasure hunting.  Scuba diving is now just for fun during a vacation. My trips are not arranged as dive trips any longer.


Currently my passion is staying on top of what Washington is doing and reporting it daily to you. I’m devoted to uncover and expose the plethora of lies told by the current administration to get elected “For CHANGE We Can Believe In.” The “Lame Stream” media had been bought and paid for by Obama’s campaign.

The ignorant voters who elected him have left us with a Government from  the ultra lefties, Marxists, socialists, communists, Maoists and fascists.

They have for the most part, sworn an oath  to uphold and protect the Constitution, from all enemy’s foreign and domestic. The problem is the majority of them are the enemy within.


One of my most exciting adventures was getting involved directly with the LA office of the FBI and giving them a tip that led them to crack the code embedded in Google Earth which showed that in fact Pakistani language clues were embedded into the maps in the Florida area.  See Here.

They  pose as protectors of the Constitution, yet Obama and his Czars are shredding the Constitution on a daily basis. Some people are too ignorant to vote. The past election proved it.


bovine excrement+detector+1

To quote Obama, “You can judge me by the quality of people with whom I surrounds myself.” He’s right! I began with an expose of the Czars. Virtually none with any experience in the private sector, <10% but well versed in socialist, Marxist, and communist ideology like the “Resident in Thief” (those were the first entries on my site.)



Now we face much bigger challenges, undoing Obama’s Health Care Agenda. O.K. it passed, so now we must challenge  it  in the courts, defund it or repeal in 2012 The Tenth Amendment is also a very viable option.

We must defeat any legislation that would attempt to measure Co2 output, Union corruption and “sweetheart deals” offered to SEIU, bribes to obtain senatorial votes on health care, granting illegal aliens amnesty.  Our major challenge is to take back congress and turn Obama into a lame duck.

Then we must provide meaningful legislation that will be focused on across the board tax cuts, creating real jobs in the private sector, and getting our deficit, and unfunded liabilities under control. The current big spenders, with our money pay lip service here, but have quadrupled the deficit in just one year since President George W. Bush left office.


It’s way past time for the American Electorate to wake up.  As Americans, we have only  known Freedom, now aroused, it will not be stripped from us. Progressives in this country have been always beaten down since the time of FDR, and they always will be for WE THE PEOPLE are Americans and refuse to live in tyranny!  To find the way to do so go to Constituting America.org

The current totalitarian regime in power doesn’t have much use for the Constitution and with dogged persistence the goal here is to put them in prison when legally found guilty.  Hanging could work….

Not one to ever get bored, I then went back to law school, took Constitutional Law 101 and 102, Criminal Law, Torts and Business Law not to become an ambulance chaser, but so I would become a better writer.

I continued my martial arts with Krav Maga, the Israel Defense Force self-defense force. 



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