Muslim TV Preacher Tortures and Kills 5 Year Old Daughter

jcComment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and   Patriot.

I’m continually amazed by the comments I receive from those who claim to be followers of Islam on my companion site, DangersofAllah. 

I’m told I’m sick, I’m twisted, and know nothing about the virtues of Islam, the Qur’an , the surahs and hadiths.

Muhammad_the_Pedophile_Aisha_8_vs_Muh_54He married her at 6 what a guy!

Thus is the plight of the brainwashed followers of the 7th Century pedophile Mohammed.  He could not read nor write but is credited with writing the Qur’an.  Of course others must have written it for him.

Do you suppose much was lost in the translation?

These folks are obviously clueless, have not read the Qur’an nor other teaching and perhaps they believe the atrocities committed by the “cult of peace an tolerance are just made up like the one below.



“Fayhan al-Ghamdi, a preacher who’s a popular talking head on Muslim TV programs, and …whose extremist preaching was often on Saudi television, was originally accused of abusing Lama (his five year old daughter), last April.

That attack was so vicious that she suffered a fractured skull and brain damage. Tragically, he was still permitted access to her, leading to her death in December. He was then arrested in November after Lama died.

He admits responsibility and says his assault began because he suspected her, a mere five-year old, of losing her virginity. A social worker said she was “raped” everywhere, but her mother says that part of the story isn’t true.

Lama was beaten with electric shocks, whips and an iron. Her skull was crushed. Her back and arms were broken. Her ribs were fractured. The hospital said al-Ghamdi even tried to burn her rectum closed.”

Reportedly, Al-Ghamdi got a “slap on the wrist.”

Religion of peace?

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