Principled Conservative Action Will Lead this Nation

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist

President Ronald Reagan understood the United States for what it was.  His quotes on government are classic and may be seen here.

by Tom Stilson

The beginning of 2013 marks an impending disaster for our nation. The Bush tax cuts expire; we reach our national debt ceiling; and the 2013 appropriations bills may not be passed in time to avoid crippling sequestration budget cuts.

This election will be crucial in determining the direction of our nation: One of fiscal responsibility and principled leadership or the compromise of decades past. We can no longer afford to deceive ourselves about the urgency and severity of our situation. 

We are in the “Age of Consequences” – An inescapable outcome to years of ineffective leadership and symbolic dedication to Conservative principles: RINOs compromised rather than fought; appeased rather than demanded; and surrendered rather than resisted.

I cannot fathom how any true Conservative can sacrifice core values for the sake of political expediency and appeasement. Those values, after all, distinguish Conservatism from the fleeting, cult-popularity of Progressivism. We, as a nation, must turn to a new generation of conservative bulldogs intent on leading us toward a path of principled governance and tangible solutions. We know Conservative ideas and leadership are timeless in their righteousness. We need more fighters in Washington who act accordingly.

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