Professor: Black College Students Fat Because Of Racism

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.


Yep this is the absolute non-science or politically correct pseudoscience like that put forth by Global warming hysterics.

Perhaps while at home before going to school at U.N.C., their parents didn’t emphasize proper diet and they carried their like with them to college.




Does Jimmy Walker look too fat?

Was the study conducted in the summer time or the winter time?  Heat and cold greatly influence weight gain or loss, so does depression that happens among some who find the adjustment to moving to a big campus like the one a Chapel Hill, NC.

Another problem, why don’t white students share the same problem for always being blamed and pointed out as being racist?

Question, why is it that blacks as well as the other less fortunate among us seem to frequent fast food joints?  Have you noticed that they are more often than not heavily over weight to obese?

The Daily Caller
Eric Owens
Education Editor
April 17, 2015

Black college students can become overweight and in bad health because of racism, according to a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill psychology professor.

The professor, Enrique W. Neblett, Jr., made the claim during a guest lecture at the University of Georgia, reports The Red & Black (the student newspaper at UGA).

Neblett’s Monday lecture was entitled “Racism-Related Stress and Mental Health: A Study of African-American College Students During the Transition to Young Adulthood.”

According to his findings and the findings of others, Neblett said, racism plays a role in causing high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, depression, anxiety — and many other diseases.

College students are especially at risk.

“When African American youth are going to college and leaving home, their parents are no longer right there,” Neblett observed, according to The Red & Black.

“Youth are thinking about their identity and may experience race discrimination for the first time. Experiencing racism might lead to compromised health. For example, some students will cope by eating fatty snacks.”n (By choice or at gun point?)

The professor explained that he conducted a study relating to this special phenomenon of black people gaining weight when they go off to college with a cohort of generally healthy black students around 21 years of age. More than half of them were female.

The study presented research subjects with scenarios involving annoying acts of racism (e.g., a black person getting skipped in a queue) and flagrant acts of racism (e.g., getting called a racial epithet). There were also control scenarios, like a trip to the supermarket.

Neblett said he measured the fight-or-flight reactions of his research subjects. It’s not clear how. But based on these responses, Neblett categorized people based on how their skin color and acts of racism made them feel.

Using these categories, the professor explained, he believes he can predict which young people are more likely to end up with physical and mental illnesses. (Of course he can)

He said he hopes the research can be utilized to find a way to intervene before people get sick.

Neblett specializes in the experiences of African-Americans at UNC-Chapel Hill, according to his faculty webpage. He is the lab director at the school’s African-American youth wellness laboratory. He himself is very fit and trim (and an avid University of Michigan fan).

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Your choice: The F-22 Warthog or the F-35 stealth jet

crew-2231By Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot

This sounds like a global warming issue to me.  Forget the fact we have not had any significant climate change in the past eighteen years.

It seems proof enough and will certainly be used by the global warming hysterics for the reason the F-35 shuts down while flying when its fuel becomes too hot and is supposed to act as a refrigerant as well.

US Warplanes Can Fly Faster, Carry Additional Weapons Load Using Advanced Fuels and Biofuels


Look for unannounced Al Gore sightings in the very near future.

The F-35 has had a plethora of other problems listed in the video below.

Designed to replace the perfectly good and currently a staple among our combat planes in the airs over the bad guys in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, it has done a yeoman’s job in running missions.


For its lack of speed and stealthiness, it can take off and land vertically like the F-35 requiring little or no runway.

 The A-10 cost $13 million in 1994 dollars, when production was at its peak; at the same time, the F-35 program,  already cost between $28 and $38 million per jet while they are gearing up and looking to coalition forces to eat the hefty price tag. 


Major Obvious: F-35 Pilot Says A-10 Will Always Be Better At Air Support


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Hezbollah Brigades deploys fighters to Ramadi: US troops involved

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper, Patriot and Infidel.


The Hezbollah is a U.S designated Foreign Terrorist Organization.

Could Obama have his commanders in the theater of operation develop an operational strategy to completely debilitate Hezbollah’s fighting capability in the area?



Of course not, Obama has never taken definitive action against his alleged Muslim Brothers. 

In the off-chance Obama is not a Muslim, then once again he has demonstrated his incompetence and must be impeached.

The Long War Journal



The Importance of understanding American History

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

Indeed it’s important to understand American History as long as it isn’t read or taught by revisionist historians which as been the case for some time now in America’s public schools and universities.


Fredrick Toben, Revisionist Historian

Those who teach because they likely can do much else, must teach what their superiors tell them.

This is a big problem at this moment in history to seventh and eighth graders when their books are a complete distortion, funded and written by members of C.A.I.R.and other pro Islamic front groups.


Freedom Out Post

“We hold these truths to be self-evident; that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”


The passage I just read, of course, is from the most well known freedom document in the world – our Declaration of Independence.

Now, many of you, as I was reading it, were reciting it with me. That’s because somewhere, most probably as a child, you were taught its importance and were instructed to memorize it.

However, in the last few years, the idea of learning about our freedom documents has fallen out of favor in our government schools and perhaps has been neglected in our families, our churches, and our communities as well.

Regrettably, more and more, as Americans, we know less and less about where we come from.

And if the idea of learning about our father’s fathers’ sacrifices is either neglected or disparaged – if it’s not reinforced in our schools and if our American heroes are ignored – or worse – degraded on the television, the movies and in the media, we are in danger of losing our heritage.

As an American, you might think of history as a mall map that gives contextual meaning to the little red arrow that says “you are here.”

If you could, for a moment, imagine walking into a big shopping mall and seeing the big mall directory map in front of you and it’s totally blank — nothing on it but the red arrow and the red dot – it would really be less than useless to you, wouldn’t it?

It’s the same with the study of our American history. Knowing about the deeds of those who have gone before us tells us where we are on the map of history.

But what’s more, knowing the beliefs they shared, their faith, their motives, gives us a clue as to who we are.

So please, don’t let anybody (in the name of multiculturalism or globalism or anything else) steal your American history from you – or talk you out of caring about it.

Palestinian Authority President Abbas Honors Fatah Terrorists in Official Ceremony

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, oath Keeper and Patriot.

How nice giving awards to prisoners and murderers, CA will likely be next.

So many towel heads and so little time to send them all to Mohammed where they belong.

They exist to kill, in their quest to dominate.  Is there something wrong with their lifestyle?

Steve Emerson

Investigative Project on Terrorism

Apr 17, 2015


Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas awarded medals to the first male and female jailed Fatah members and the group’s first “martyred” terrorist, the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) reports.

The awards came in advance of today’s “Palestinian Prisoners Day.”Fatima Bernawi was the first woman in Fatah jailed palsalute

for terrorist activity, an article posted Thursday on Fatah’s Egyptian website said.

According to the MEMRI translation: “Bernawi was arrested in October 1967 after she placed a bomb in the Zion Cinema in Jerusalem. She was sentenced to life in prison, but was released after ten years…23015 Bernawi was one of the first Palestinian women to adopt [the means of] armed self-sacrifice operations after the start of the modern Palestinian revolution, which was launched by Fatah on January 1, 1965.”

Abbas also issued a medal honoring Ahmad Moussa Salama, who was killed while conducting Fatah’s first terrorist attack on Israel’s National Water Carrier – the day Fatah considers the start of “the modern Palestinian revolution” in 1965.

Right:Fatima Bernawi during her service as head of the PA women’s police force (Image:, April 16, 2015)

That attack took place two years before Israel assumed control of the West Bank and Gaza following the Six Day War. So if it was intended as a blow against Israeli “occupation,” it shows that the PLO/Fatah considered all of Israel “occupied territory” that needed to be “liberated.” While the PA insists it has abandoned its goal of destroying the Jewish state, honoring terrorists who worked toward that goal calls that commitment into question.

And it comes two month after a New York jury found the PA liable for $218 million in damages for attacks which killed and wounded Americans during the second Intifada. U.S. anti-terrorism law automatically tripled that award to $655 million. Among the exhibits admitted into evidence were PA financial records showing that it continues to pay employees jailed by Israel on terror charges and continues to provide money for families of terrorists killed carrying out attacks against Israelis.

One 2002 report sent to the PA’s General Intelligence Service chief praised a West Bank terror squad for its “high quality successful attacks.” The squad’s “men are very close to us (i.e. to the General Intelligence) and maintain with us continuous coordination and contacts,” the report said.

Longtime PLO Chairman and founding PA President Yasser Arafat’s handwritten consent appears on PA documents detailing the payments to the terrorists and their families that later were seized by Israeli military forces.

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Manic Depression Symptoms and Signs: Do We Need Another Psycho in the White House?

crew-2231 By Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

Perhaps candidates for President of the United States should undergo psychiatric testing that would be scored by computers to avoid bias.

We already have a complete psycho in the White House while the thought of Hillary who is possibly more screwed up than Obama would be completely unacceptable.

Manic Depression Symptoms – Mania, Hypomania, Depression & Mixed EpisodesManic Depression, also known as bipolar disorder is a mood disorder characterized by unusual elevations & drops in mood that affect the normal functioning of an individual.

Manic Obama

obama-speech-e1342050505906 Unlike unipolar depression which is characterized by depressive episodes, bipolar disorder (as the name suggest “bi” “polar“, two polar) is characterized by 2 opposite set of symptoms of mood; depressive episodes & manic, hypo-manic episodes, or a mix of the 2 types of episodes that occur at the same time, called mixed episodes.

Therefore symptoms of manic depression include the symptoms of depression, as well as symptoms of mania & hypomania & mixed episodes.

Depressed Obama

obama-looks-depressedIn severe cases psychotic symptoms may occur, such as delusions & hallucinations.

Manic Depression Symptoms – Symptoms of Mania

Euphoria, abnormally elevated or irritable mood (must last at least a week if the condition is not serious enough that requires hospitalization, generally lasts from several weeks to months).




We don’t need a depressed  or manic Hillary either.

In contrast to regular or normal highs, manic symptoms can cause impairment in social, occupational or interpersonal functioning, in some cases hospitalization can be necessary to prevent self-harm or potential harm to others.

Psychotic features like hallucinations or delusions may occur during a manic episode. 50-60% of time a major depressive episode occurs immediately after. Common manic symptoms include:

  • Overtly inflated feeling of self-esteem or grandiosity, sensational mood,  preoccupied with grandiose achievements, fame, unlimited success, brilliance, power, beauty, convinced in having superficial powers, (they often feel that they are the chosen ones and are on a special mission)
  • Being restless, little or no need for sleep (ex. Feels like 3rhs is enough)
  • Irritable mood, anger, agitation, jumpy and wired
  • Increased need for talking & increased rate of speech, pressures to have a conversation, excessive talking & giving advice to strangers
  • Racing thoughts, disorganized thinking, unusually fast flow of ideas, mostly disrupted, one comes before the other ends
  • Easily distracted by irrelevant or unimportant factors, short attention span
  • Elevated goal oriented activity, taking on new ideas & starting new projects (social, work, sexual or other)
  • Unintentional motions, caused by mental tension
  • Engaging in high risk activities (gambling, spending unreasonable amounts of money while shopping, impulse high ticket purchases, engaging in risky sex, high risk business investments, antisocial behavior etc.)
  • Disregards ethical norms
  • Heightened sense of vision, smell & hearing
  • In severe cases with psychotic features can be capable of physical assault, hostile or threatening behavior or engaging in suicidal actions

Symptoms must not be caused by medication or other treatment, substance, drug abuse, or other medical condition.

Hyperactivity & poor judgement during a manic episode often result in financial difficulties, injuries to physical well being, troubles with the law, involuntary hospitalization.

Entire article below.

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Beyond Funny: Read and watch to believe

crew-2231Attention liberals, if it weren’t for fiscal conservatives you would all starve to death.

Think about it !

It’s an absolute fact, yet you are too ignorant to get it. 


Of course, Hollywood weirdos would be exempt.

If they gave their money away to charities they wouldn’t have it to burn and waste on progressive plans and candidates.

The above clearly too unstable to pack heat !
Instead of beating up fellow conservatives—save it for the Rin’s and insane liberals. And just step back a second and look— conservatism is making a comeback.  More conservatives than Rinos are throwing their hats in the ring. The Right Wing is picking up steam. It’s getting it’s swagger… and freedom is sexy again.

People are sick of being lied to every day after day after day.  Yet our misguided media continues to yell fire in a crowded theater—on a daily basis.

Besides our sitting president—is there anybody less qualified to be president than Hillary Clinton? Okay, maybe The Harvard Pocahontas herself, Elizabeth Warren. lol.


The sound a great today as they did as kids. I know I’ve heard them at both periods of time, twice this year in fact. HA!

The closing audio is a rare LIVE Bob Segar recording from 1975 in Los Angeles….  “Traveling Man”

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Defend Freedom Tour 2015: Let’s serve our veterans and restore America’s leadership?

41730_100003215851815_231263758_n 2Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

It makes sense that veteran’s are forgoing treatment at the VA.

With one exception, I’m in total agreement with the comments made with the exception that the entire VA system 140508-phoenix-veterans-affairs-jms-2142_581321620020ffd115672974706c8359.nbcnews-fp-1120-600must be completely abolished.  (The Baltimore Sun)

Fox News

H/T to Ms. Lorra B  

April 17, 2015


Fox News:

By Pete Hegseth

One year ago, Americans were horrified to learn of a nationwide patient care scandal at U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) medical centers, in which veterans were denied care while officials falsified scheduling statistics to conceal the delays.

But while that scandal affected veterans and their families most directly, it also underscored a broader and more troubling trend: Americans’ declining levels of trust and confidence in the leadership of the federal government.

The good news is that the scandal sparked a push for change in Congress, and President Obama signed the new VA reform law—the most significant in a generation—in August. The new law was intended to bring more accountability to the VA’s performance and to allow veterans greater choice in where they seek medical care.

The very visible failure of the VA, the second largest federal department, is emblematic of a collapse in trust in the U.S. government’s ability to deliver on its obligations.

Unfortunately, 12 months later, neither of those goals have been met; the reform effort has been stymied by a toxic and dysfunctional VA bureaucracy determined to preserve the status quo.

One of the department whistleblowers who helped expose the scheduling scandal, Dr. Katherine Mitchell of the Phoenix VA Medical Center, says now that she’s “incredibly disappointed with the lack of progress,” as she told the military news publication Stars and Stripes. Her explanation for the stalled progress: “The culture has not changed.”

But the VA scandal, and the difficulty in fixing what’s wrong at the department, has an impact felt far beyond the veterans’ community.

Entire article below.

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