Is this site biased?

Well only if one understands that I’m not to fond of socialists, Marxists, commies especially when they occupy the White House!

In reality, I make it a point to link all of my allegations withing an article.  They are fact based, not liberal/progressive/Marxist delusions.

14 thoughts on “Is this site biased?

  1. There may (doubtful, though) be a time for political correctness but when it comes to calling a spade a spade you are damn right you need to be biased. The libs have always been biased and somehow that seems to be okay with the the lemmings and sheep. However whenever someone from the the right speaks up, the left immediately labels them as kooks and tea partiers. I certainly don’t object to the term “tea partiers” as these folks have abandoned pc to bring back a realistic bias.

    Jim, you are the voice of the biased. Party on dude!

  2. I welcome ur bias we need it , it’s a breathe of fresh air, we sick
    Of the crap coming from DC And CHICAGO and NYC,,,let freedom
    Ring as Martin said……Bill Stewart

  3. I’m not changing my stance it’s Tea time let’s take it back
    Now before it’s too late….VOTE….or IMPEACH……

  4. There is bias of Righteousness and there is biassed of wrong and you bye far are biased for Right while the commie and leftist are the Biassed. Hey look they even have an ASS for their Mascot! Doesn’t that tell it all!

  5. So keep up the biasing. Look at Colonel Representative Allen West! I love the way he puts it in their ignorant faces! Even Rubio of Florida has not shown the fortitude that Col. West retired has. I am trying to get him to move to Georgia to replace our numbnuts Representative obamite!

  6. And by not uniting the people against the tyranny that has been coming since General Smedly Butler blew the whistle, the bias accomplishes what?

  7. Liberal media? and by liberal you are being a clever manipulator of words and you mean neoliberal as in the neoliberal economy that you so fervently believe in, even as it crumbles to the ground from the past 40 years of free market fundamentalism, now backed by christian fundamentalism that teaches, rather indoctrinates, people not to think but to blindly follow, imposing racism and paternalism back into government and society. Maybe we should abolish the socialist educational system, illiteracy will certainly help your cause. No seriously, illiteracy will help your case. As an educator, it is disheartening to think of how more uneducated this country could be. Knowing that people born with silver spoons are out there that are completely ignorant of reality, have lived in a suburban closed circle their entire lives looking down upon those who own nothing except their ability to labor (in the minimum wage service sector with no hope of ever escaping that life; do you even know how detrimental that is to mental health?!?! try it, I dare you, maybe in a geography not colonized by affluent white folk, white here referring to your mentality). Let me define neoliberalism: deregulation as in the elimination of social and environmental regulations so that pure, raw exploitation of those that have only their labor to sell ensures a subordinate submissive workforce, “free trade” but massive subsidies (can you say socialism? see I can use that word in nonsensicle ways too!) for US and other first world based corporations, and decentralization (because if we decentralize that way people cannot coordinate against exploitation, death, slavery, toxicity, etc). Analyze that, I dare you.

    • Dear Frida,

      Thank for a peak into the liberal mind. Now here is a question for you my new friend………Why are the countries going up in flames and is Greece about to impose a 1% per year tax on gross earnings of all German’s 25 years and older? As Margaret is credited with saying one of the many problems with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples money. Can you name a single country that has taxed itself into prosperity? How about a progressive program that hasn’t been a failure and could be done more easily and less expensive in the private sector? Try Googling, SF CA airport removes TSA uses private company. Now as to your assertion about subsidizing big oil. Has it occurred to you that the profits you hear about are gross profits, not net profits, meaning paying for the expense of R&D, shareholder dividends, salaries, insurance etc. Here’s the kicker, without them do you believe Big Oil would let that into their NET profits? Of course not, they would pass it on to the customer at the pump, same with our highest corporate tax in the world, passed on to our U.S. Tax Payers…..Saying it simply, Profits employ, taxes destroy, why do you suppose virtually all green jobs are going to China, India and Thailand? Thanks for your comment, welcome to the site, I’m J.C. and I run this circus.

  8. Frida, as an educator you have been teaching socialism and have been protected by tenure so how would you have a clue about real life ,from Nobama?

  9. Well, stupid people need a website too. Nice job.

  10. This is my first visit to your site. I have added it to my favorites. Glad for your bias Your arguments seem to be well thought out. I wish we could get more educators that did not reflect the views of Frieda that regurgitate the lines they have been fed and refuse to look around to actually see what is happening. I really don’t understand the motivation to keep people down and make them think they are victims….Did you notice whenever you argue with a liberal and bring up facts that they give up…they have no come back….as John Adams said “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.”

  11. Being biased is not a bad thing but you will be held to a higher standard. Do not get lazy and ensure that all facts are vetted. The left will seize on any discrepancy to derail an argument. Failing that it degenerates to a school yard game of insult and defamation. I fear that we as a country are deluded to believe that foreign governments that we enter into partnership with are our friends. They would not if they did not derive benefit or advantage from the relationship. Russia is now leveraging that advantage. Connect the dots based on recent current events. We need strategic thinkers and a new sense of national pride. Theories of peace and love do not work. Rule by the opinion of the mob is also not working very well. The mob is distracted by the next shiny object that appears and misses the big picture. Politicians cater to the mob because the mob will forget when the next distraction occurs.

  12. You have good info on your site but sadly your brainand opinion is rotted away from too much Faux Snooze and Vicodin Limba. Anyway, thanks for the good info, hope you open your eyes one day and make judgements on your own using good unbiased information instead of drinking the regurgitations of people who make millions of zombie follwers like you

    And no, I am not a Obama fan or a liberal – I just say no to brainwashing from both sides

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