70 thoughts on “Obama’s Qualifications

  1. Impeach, Impeach, Impeach….It has such a nice sound doesn’t it?

  2. I just found out he also operates with a fraudulent social security #!!! Fake birth certificate, no citizenship. What the heck is next?
    Listen to this:

    Call your congressman until he does something about it. People in Israel are in danger and we need to clean house in USA.

  3. If we have enough to impeach him then why haven’t we done it???
    What are you waiting for?

    • Hi Carol I’m not sure I understood your question. Are you implying that there isn’t enough in the way of crimes to impeach Obama? What am I waiting for? I don’t have the power to impeach. Congress is filled with cowards that will not honor their oath. Since you got this from the tab Obama’s qualifications I recommend you click on the tab call Impeachable Offenses by Obama. Until then enjoy the moment. Your boy is going down.

  4. How do you starve an Obama supporter? You hide their food stamps
    Under their work shoes………..

  5. Very simple you can not impeach an Illegal USURPER sitting in our house. He needs to be arrested by US Marshals sent to Gitmo for trial by the Military, because it would never make it to a US Court.

  6. @ Carol Hicks, because he was put in place and both sides of the aisle know it, To bring him down for being the illegal ass hole he is would bring them all down and they won’t be doing that any time soon.

  7. Something has to be done to ensure that he is held accountable and not a single DIME of OUR taxpayer money goes as salary for him the rest of his life as a “former US President”….

  8. when the idiot is gone to jail he not get nothing anyway. yep JC he going down

  9. Many commenting here are ignorant of history, as well as of the Constitution. Many more are racist. But the vast majority critics are simply feeling guilty U voted for THE absolute worst, most inept, incompetent & crime-ridden administration ever in the history of America!!! NONE OF U critics can deny each & every policy U’r complaining about, every situation provoking U’r ire, of all U ‘claim’ as ‘WRONG’ w/the nation (& the world, by extension) is the fault & failure of the 2001-2009 administration EACH ONE OF U voted for President, as well as the Conservatives U voted to congress! U state no ‘SPECIFIC’ complaints, which implies U have NONE; the birth certificate issue has been explained ‘OVERTIME’, yet U refuse to accept ‘reason’ & ‘facts’. If U KNOW that $5-10 trillion in war costs, another $2 trillion are cost for ‘BORROWING’ $$$ to pay for now, 12 years of tax cuts to the wealthy-EXCLUSIVELY, U’r looking at roughly, $12 trillion in UNNECESSARY COST to a govt that began, in 2001, w/a $500 billion surplus!!! $500 BILLION!!! What happened to the $$$ is U ok’d the greatest wealth transfer in the history of civilization, to the greedy amongst us, getting NOTHING in return (for U’r votes)!!! B/c of Conservative thugs in & out of govt, Prez Obama is intimidated from even TRYING the SUCCESSFUL Liberal/Progressive policies format of President Clinton to rescue the nation from Reagan/Bush failures (of 1981-’93)!!! The policies of this administration are the same as the LAST (2001-2009)!!! So what are U complaining about?! Its the same thing- only a different… man… of a different color… & I rest my case… By the way, there’s NO WAY to ‘cheat’ a margin of victory of the proportion seen in the ’08 election. If U’r truly intelligent, U will consider events of the ’01-’09 administration (by Conservatives), compare them to current (Moderate/Liberal) & make an honest assessment that things would have been much worse w/a McCain/Palin administration & conclude not to make another mistake (as U did w/2001-2009). Patriotism is indeed a ‘Liberating’ virtue…

    • Keep singing your song fool, your comments above approved as in flight entertainment for serious readers. Just one simple question….Have you been living under a rock or are you among the walking brain dead that has no clue but continues to vote. You can’t substantiate a think you have said her, you are entitled to your opinions but not the facts. Come back when you have something sourced with a link to a credible source or go where you belong move along loser to Moveon.org

  10. Or better move in with the Community organizer you would make a lovely couple

  11. Calling names proves so little xcept what’s lacking in REAL intellect! I see U do at least listen to Big Eddie b/c no body has facts like him. So of course U know what I’m talking about in my post. So B4 U respond, recheck Ur facts so as not to make Ur self seem (more) foolish. Better yet, post some (facts) of Ur own, so we can actually compare. Somehow, between the 2, we should arrive at ‘TRUTH’, where the facts will actually make sense… Even to a Conservative like U…

  12. Obama nut go back to your leader you have no idea what you are talking about

  13. In the constitution qualifications of the president is stated to be born of two “natural born citizens”. Later laws of 40’s say “US Citizen” for one parent. Not the same legal terms. Therefore Obama’s status would be nullified as president IF EVER IT GOT TO COURT. Ted Cruz would not qualify nor did Romney. Both Obama and Romney were not qualified to run. Romney’s parents were expat for 25 years in Mexico where he was born.

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