Judicial Watch Law Suit Exposes Clinton’s Cash Machine and Money Laundring Schemes

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.


Once again, Tom Fritton of Judicial Watch has lowered the boom on the “Dysfunctional Team Clinton.

So profound is the amount of money laundering they have joined it should not be a question of the House or Senate investigation, they should be brought down using RICO statutes.

RICO law refers to the prosecution and defense of individuals who engage in organized crime.

What was uncovered wasn’t pretty and should bring back memories of the sound of a compressed air nail gun shooting the final two ny-post-clinton-cover-640x716hundred nails into their political coffins.

This is the story on these documents that got the ball rolling. The headline says it all:  “State Department approved 215 Bill Clinton speeches, controversial consulting deal, worth $48m; Hillary Clinton’s Chief of Staff copied on all decisions.”

Out of this hard-scrabble investigating, legal work, and journalism (our Micah Morrison in partnership with The Washington Examiner) emerged the key documents that led to much more investigating by others.  Notably, our friend Peter Schweitzer of the Government Accountability Institute used our documents to help with his headline-making book, “Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich.”  This book helped feed major media interest in the story that Judicial Watch has been highlighting since 2008. 

From our November 28, 2008 Weekly Update:

I believe Obama made a deal with the devil to avoid a floor fight at the convention.21065600 It may have served him politically, but the public shouldn’t suffer the consequences.

If the Senate is serious about ethics in government, Hillary’s nomination would be rejected. In putting forward Hillary, Obama now owns the Clinton scandals. Her nomination is another weak personnel decision that will harm his presidency.

Will the Obama administration exercise due diligence and keep a watchful eye on the Clintons? My guess is that if Obama is willing to hire Hillary given her dismal record, he’ll be willing to turn a blind eye to her likely corrupt behavior at the State Department.

hillary-clinton-foundation-money-cashThe vetting of Hillary seems to have been run by John Podesta (her husband’s former Chief of Staff) and Cheryl Mills (the ethically-challenged lawyer who served as Clinton White House lawyer). Surprise…… Surprise. She passed.

Will the names of those at home and abroad who gave the Clinton machine millions over the years be released?

With pals like Rezko, Wright, and Ayers, Obama doesn’t seem to care about the ethics of his cronies.

That means it’ll be up to Judicial Watch to monitor Hillary Clinton’s every move if she and Bill make it to State.

We kept our promise and filed the lawsuit that exposed the very corruption we predicted in 2008.

Again, the headlines tell you much:

Now, in the midst of this cavalcade of reporting on Clinton corruption, we have disclosed yet more documents in our key Clinton accountability lawsuit.

Just yesterday, we highlighted 126 more pages of documents from the State Department related to Hillary Clinton’s conflicts of interest during her time as secretary of state. These documents were forced out of the State Department thanks to a federal court order in our Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed against the State Department back in May 2013.

But wait, in her defense, Hillary has always been a defender of women’s rights.


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An end to her suffering

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

There is absolutely no doubt that the name Hillary Clinton will never be associated with honesty.  Hillary makes it all up as she goes along.

Below is a comprehensive list of her scandals, lies and malfeasance, at least to the point that we have  become aware !


List of Hillary and Bill’s Scandals


Clips Vol. 1 Feb ’92 – Feb ’94
Clips Vol. 2 Mar ’94 – Feb ’96
Clips Vol. 3 Mar – Sep ’96
Clips Vol. 4 Oct 96- Mar 97
Clips Vol 5 Mar 97-July 97
Clips Vol 6 Aug 97 – Feb 98
Clips Vol 7 Feb 98 -Mar 98
Clips Vol 8 Mar 98-Jun 98
Clips Vol 9 Jul 98-Aug98
Clips Vol 10 Sep 98-Oct 98
Clips Vol 11 Nov 98
Clips Vol 12Dec 98
Clips Vol 13Jan 99
Clips Vol 14Feb-Mar 99
Clips Vol 15April 99-Jul 99
Clips Vol 16Aug 99 –Feb 00
Clips Vol 17 Mar 00 – May 00
Clips Vol 17 Jun 00 – Aug 00
Clips Vol 18 Sep 00 – Oct 00
Clips Vol 19 Oct 00 – Mar 01
Clips Vol 20 Apr 01 –

THE CLINTON LEGACY A summary of what went wrong.

ARKANSAS SUDDEN DEATH SYNDROME Some deaths that required further investigation. Just be glad you’re not a friend of Bill’s

THE CHINA CONNECTION: The Review’s coverage of the Clinton-China conection from our 1996 “Lippo Suction” article to the latest scandals.

All scams, murders, and frauds as we know them to date, listed below.

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Marines may be forced to lower standards to appease Obama

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot. 

Those who know me I’m 100% for women being the best they can be, Special Ops, why not?

0000be0c_medium-1As long as this numbskull ruling is reversed there are a number of women who when trained could become Rangers, serve as interpreters, talking to women and asking questions, that men can’t comfortably ask.

It’s also the best way to get promoted to flag rank as in becoming a General.

Obama probably thinks “What difference does it make.” He came to office with zero qualifications and became the biggest failure in U.S. History.

This is perfect, destroying our armed forces from within.

The military now may lower standards to make sure they have more women serving. They should not. Not at all.

You can argue if women should be in the military, or if women are physically equal to men.

It is true that men have more muscle mass than women, in general.

There are many statistics to throw around. The left always yells, “equality!”

An IOC diploma is a must to earn the designation of infantry officer. Of 29 women who tried, none graduated; only four made it through the first day’s combat endurance test.  The pressure is on from the White House’s “politically correct” agenda.

 The real issue should be “equal opportunity.” If a woman wants to join the military, God bless. If anyone wants to join the military, God bless! Here’s the thing, this is national defense.

The best of the best defend and fight for the United States of America everyday, and we cannot lower the standards just to be “politically correct” and to appease feminists. If you want to join the military, pass the ammunition.

Red Flag Alert


Recently we reportedbeb8f37ac3c843dc562061aa9cc02275 about the results of female Marines seeking to complete the Marine Infantry Officer Course (IOC) — ZERO — as well as female Marines attending Infantry Training Battalion, School of Infantry-East. We also compared that with the Army and females being allowed entry into the Ranger Training Assessment Course (RTAC) and that twelve will be going onto Army Ranger training. 

Well, it seems the Marines have drawn the ire of the Obama administration via the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Dempsey. That’s just not the result Obama was looking for.As reported by the Washington Times, “Two years ago, Army General Martin Dempsey, the nation’s top military officer, laid down an edict on the Obama administration’s plan to open direct land combat jobs to women: If women cannot meet a standard, senior commanders better have a good reason why it should not be lowered. 

Today, the “Dempsey rule” appears to have its first test case. The Marine Corps just finished research to see if female officers could successfully complete its rigorous Infantry Officer Course. The IOC diploma is a must to earn the designation of infantry officer. Of 29 women who tried, none graduated; only four made it through the first day’s combat endurance test.” 

“Marine Corps public affairs said it did not have the data on which tasks proved the toughest for women. But one particularly demanding upper-body strength test is climbing a 25-foot rope with a backpack full of gear. A candidate who cannot crawl to the top fails the test. Traditionalists see the 0-29 performance as a call to arms by those inside the Pentagon who are determined to have significant numbers of women in the infantry. They are on the lookout for standards they believe are no longer relevant in today’s battlefield.” 

“The pressure is on the services from the White House’s politically correct crowd vis-a-vis Obama’s Pentagon appointees, who will force the services to accept degraded standards,” said Robert Maginnis, a retired Army officer and author of the book “Deadly Consequences: How Cowards Are Pushing Women Into Combat.”

So will the U.S. Marine Corps be forced to justify why its IOC training is so hard? Will they have to go before the Sanhedrin of the Pharisees of political correctness and explain why anyone needs to be able to climb a rope with a full gear pack? Will the Commandant of the Marine Corps be called into General Dempsey’s office and be forced to explain every single standard of the Marine IOC and justify its existence? Will the Corps be forced to surrender its standards of excellence?

“General Dempsey laid down the law this way: “If we do decide that a particular standard is so high that a woman couldn’t make it, the burden is now on the service to come back and explain to the secretary, why is it that high? Does it really have to be that high?”

Am I making this stuff up? Sadly, no.

“Capt Maureen Krebs, a Marine Corps spokeswoman, said the ongoing review of standards is a double-check to make sure each one is specific to a particular job, is relevant to the operation and is “gender-neutral” — meaning each one must be the same for men and women. “We’re looking at all of our standards for the ground combat arms right now to ensure that they hit all three of those requirements,” she said.

There you have it folks, we are moving towards a military that is gender-neutral — the objective of social egalitarians. To them, the military is just like any occupation. Everyone should have equal outcomes and equality of access regardless of the mission. Anything else just isn’t fair.

What is not fair is that we have a bunch of absent-minded civilian ideologues who want a ground-breaking, historic moment. You can just bet there will be a female to pass Army Ranger School — and she will be on the cover of Time magazine, all over the mainstream media, and of course will get a Rose Garden ceremony. Recently I spoke to a young man, an Infantry officer, who was to attend Ranger school but was told there wasn’t an available slot. I wonder why?

ISIS is beheading Christians and driving civilians from Ramadi. Meanwhile, the Obama administration is questioning the standards for the Marine Corps Infantry Officer Course.

Unbelievable !



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BREAKING: Marine Held Captive in Iran Describes Brutal Treatment & Obama’s Failures

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist,  Infidel and Oath Keeper.


One more reason to fire Obama by any legal means possible.


Obama is such a Muslim scumbag he likely barter for this young Marine by emptying GITMO.

What would President Ronald Reagan have done?

PatriotBy TPIWriter

The Political Insider



Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren has been sounding the alarm on the treatment of Americans in Iran. If America had a President who loved America, he wouldn’t be negotiating about nuclear arms while this was happening.

Now, a U.S. Marine imprisoned in Iran for nearly four years says the American has been drugged, whipped, and told a heartbreaking lie that his mother died in a car accident while he awaits a retrial.

The sister and brother-in-law of Amir Hekmati appeared with Greta and described in shocking detail the torture that the veteran has endured since his arrest in August 2011. Hekmati, has suffered stun-gun assaults, has been whipped, dosed with lithium, and hung by his arms while held in the Islamic Republic. His captives are savages and pure evil:

But the worst abuse of all may have been the emotional torture of being told by cruel guards that his mother had died, according to his sister, Sarah Hekmati.

“He was put in stressful positions for long periods of time,” said Sarah Hekmati. “He had to endure the news that they had told him that his mother was killed in a car accident; just the emotional torture of being told that and not having a way to contact our family.

“To be told that and not know if that’s true or not,” she also said. “He was drugged with lithium for a long period of time and then forcibly it was removed so that he would have to endure painful withdrawal symptoms and then he was whipped on his feet.”

Sarah’s husband, Dr. Rami Kurdi, also detailed some the other horrific torture that Hekmati has endured.

“The torture we heard of as described by Amir himself was cold water, dirty cold water poured on the ground whenever he’d fall asleep to kind of keep him awake,” he said. “Lights on day and night, just to interrupt his sleep pattern. And these were just the smaller things. He was hung by his arms, Tasered – hung by his arms for an indefinite amount of time.”


This is shameful! While America spends years debating the merits of water-boarding and sleep deprivation, our enemies are treating American Marines in unspeakable ways. This is cruel and criminal… America should not be negotiating with Iran for any reason, EVER!

Are you furious at Obama’s weak handling of the Iranian threat? please leave us a comment and tell us what you think.


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crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper Patriot and Infidel.

CNN’s Ashley Bancroft does and exceptional job in her coverage of Special Operations, and our warriors as we get ready for Memorial Naval_Special_Warfare_Development_Groupday on May 25th

Another great find by my blogger buddette,  Ms. Lorra B.

A Montpelier View:

John W. Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute reminds us of a sentiment expressed by John F. Kennedy: “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”  In time for Memorial Day, Mr. Whitehead reminds us, however, that the war on America’s military veterans continues.  You can read his commentary here.

Never Forget April 24, 2015

Hard to believe, isn’t it?  Well, maybe not. Let’s be clear about this, however.  A war on American veterans has been going on for a long time now.  One may even recall how Janet Napolitano warned that American military veterans pose the greatest terrorist threat to the United States.

I read recently that she stands by this assessment now that she is no longer Secretary of Homeland Security and according to a recent report, CNN’s Ashley Bancroft agrees with her.

I have a different take on this.  I think the greatest threat to the United States and its people is the political apparatus that unashamedly gave us such prominent figures as Bill and Hillary Clinton, Janet Napolitano, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Dick Durban, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Barack Obama, and any of the millions who voted for these low creatures.

As we approach Memorial Day, I simply wonder … Have you had enough of this yet, America?



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Wall Street analyst uncovers Clinton Foundation fraud

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot


In a single word the are “SCREWED” the entire lot of them.


Perhaps this will extinguish any torch Chelsea is carrying for an elected office.
31e895b8ba2a29836ec445baf078b063Hillary’s charity already under scrutiny for foreign donations

Jerome R. Corsi, a Harvard Ph.D., is a WND senior staff writer.



NEW YORK – The Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation – already under scrutiny for foreign donations – is now being accused of fraudulent and possibly criminal mismanagement.

Over the past six weeks, Wall Street financial analyst and investor Charles Ortel has shared with WND, prior to publication, the results of his six-month, in-depth investigation into what he characterizes as an elaborate scheme devised by the Clintons to enrich themselves.

Through their foundation, Ortel contends, the Clintons have defrauded an unsuspecting international public of hundreds of millions of dollars for personal gain.

The findings come amid separate charges in Peter Schweizer’s upcoming book “Clinton Cash: 6139497_origThe Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich.”

In Ortel’s April 20 report, “False Philanthropy? First Interim Report Concerning The Bill Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation,” he asks: “Did management exercise vigilance to ensure that the Clinton Foundation actually carried out its original and its amended tax-exempt purposes?”

Another scandal with Hillary Clinton at the center is uniquely exposed in Aaron Klein’s “The REAL Benghazi Story: What the White House and Hillary Don’t Want You to Know”

Ortel asks further: “Did directors take reasonable care, as fiduciaries, under applicable state, federal and foreign laws to operate this charity serving, at all times, a public interest?”


If not, the executive management as well the board of directors of the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Foundation, as well as each of the Clintons personally, may face serious legal liabilities that could extend beyond civil mismanagement.

This article examines the first six “Specific Concerns” that Ortel has detailed.

Ortel says he found evidence the executive leadership of the Clinton Foundation mismanaged, perhaps intentionally, the financial and regulatory reporting required by both state government and federal authorities for charities under tax-exempt status as 501(c)3 foundations.

The next WND article in the series will focus on Ortel’s remaining concerns, including what appears to be a complex fraud the Clinton’s perpetrated that exploits HIV/AIDs victims in developed countries. The scheme, he said, drew funds from government-collected airline ticket liens imposed through the auspices of the United Nations World Health Organization.

Robin Hood in reverse?

Entire article below.

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A Direct Reflection on Who He Supports:Tom Brady Won’t Be Present For Patriots’ White House Trip

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.


You had to know there was something special about New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady. 

It’s not just the way he reads the oppositions defense as he drives the Patriots down the field. 

Seattle_Seahawks2And no it wasn’t the comeback kid who beat the Seattle Seahawks. 


Brady, clearly a man of family values has no need for the current administration rule over America.



Super Bowl XLIX - New England Patriots v Seattle SeahawksTom Brady (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

BOSTON (CBS) — The Patriots will be honored by President Barack Obama at the White House on Thursday, but the MVP won’t be in attendance.

According to ESPN’s Mike Reiss and the Boston Herald’s Jeff Howe, Tom Brady will not be present at the White House due to a family obligation.

You can watch the ceremony live on WBZ-TV and CBSBoston.com at 2:15 p.m. (But why would you?)

Brady has attended three previous trips to the White House, in 2002, 2004 and 2005.

The quarterback earned Super Bowl MVP honors for the third time in his career when he threw four touchdowns in a 28-24 win over the Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX.

There’s no reason to doubt Brady’s sincerity with the family commitment, though it is worth noting that White House press secretary Josh Earnest did lob an unprovoked attack on Brady’s truthfulness back in late January, when “DeflateGate” was a leading topic




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The Disastrous Clinton Post-Presidency

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.


As we begin to learn more and more about what a flop the Clinton Global Initiative is it add more rule to the questions about why either of them should ever set foot in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Bill and Hillary Clinton’s post terms in office have been as big of disasters as they are as individuals and the made for politics couple they want us to believe they are.


Ozzie and Harriet they are not and will never be. Bill-Gates-Failure-Quote They never learn from their failures, and failure is not an option for the future.




New York Magazine

April 24, 2015
Former U.S. President Bill Clinton listens to the speech of U.S. President Barack Obama during the seventh annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) at the Sheraton New York Hotel on September 21, 2011 in New York City. Photo: Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images

The qualities of an effective presidency do not seem to transfer onto a post-presidency. Jimmy Carter was an ineffective president who became an exemplary post-president. Bill Clinton appears to be the reverse.

All sorts of unproven worst-case-scenario questions float around the web of connections between Bill’s private work, 20-Clinton-Foundation.w529.h352.2xHillary Clinton’s public role as secretary of State, the Clinton’s’ quasi-public charity, and Hillary’s noncompliant email system. But the best-case scenario is bad enough: The Clintons have been disorganized and greedy.

The news today about the Clinton’s all fleshes out, in one way or another, their lack of interest in policing serious conflict-of-interest problems that arise in their overlapping roles:

  • The New York Times has a report about the State Department’s decision to approve the sale of Uranium mines to a Russian company that donated $2.35 million to the Clinton Global Initiative, and that a Russian investment bank promoting the deal paid Bill $500,000 for a speech in Moscow.
  • The Washington Post reports that Bill Clinton has received $26 million in speaking fees from entities that also donated to the Clinton Global Initiative.
  • The Washington Examiner reports, “Twenty-two of the 37 corporations nominated for a prestigious State Department award — and six of the eight ultimate winners — while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State were also donors to the Clinton family foundation.”
  • And Reuters reports, “Hillary Clinton’s family’s charities are refiling at least five annual tax returns after a Reuters review found errors in how they reported donations from governments, and said they may audit other Clinton Foundation returns in case of other errors.”

The Clinton campaign is batting down the darkest and most conspiratorial interpretation of these stories, and where this all leads remains to be seen. But the most positive interpretation is not exactly good.

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