5 thoughts on “Political Correctness the Pictorial

  1. Yea that Major Hasaan bullshit really pissed me off. Fuck you Obama, you piece of SHIT!!!!

  2. Exactly what Dave said.

  3. From Jim Campbell to Just Me the Muslim loving half white guy he calls his president.

    Apparently civility has no place in your lexicon.

    So lets see did rag head Hasan get drafted or did he infiltrate the U.S. Army.
    Of course I know what happened on Reagan’s watch in 1988

    Stay off the bong buddy Hassan has been convicted of nothing as you assert.

    We don’t hate Obama, we don’t hate, we don’t agree with Obama’s policies. Please factually enlighten us as to what he had done right? Yea thought so, you are boring so we are going to have to say goodbye buckaroo. J.C.

    You morons blame O-rama for Major Hasan’s what? Being able to join the Army in the first place despite being born to Muslim Palestinian parents? That happened under Reagan’s watch in 1988. Hasan committed a horrific hate-based crime and has received the death penalty. What you guys think this has to do with our President is beyond comprehension as he served under Republicans and Democrats alike. If you want to hate Obama at least hate him for something he actually did wrong, the list is mighty long!

  4. Calling it work place violence comes to mind.

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