Portrait Of Racism

crew-2231By Jim Campbell, friend of Dock Ellis.

In memory of my friend and classmate Doc Ellis, I was fortunate to talk with him one week before his death at his home in Apple Valley, CA. Docks biography in the link above.



Dock Ellis and I attended the same Jr. High School, and High School, we played ball together as kids.

We played against each other in little league, I was on the perennial championship Gardena Giants, Dock played for the Bodger Dodgers from Bodger Park, an all black team that was bussed in, as he was to school to play us.

Embarrassingly, this is the truth.  Dock knew I was scared to death to come to bat, he was like a giant out there on the mound.  So what did he do?

He got me aside between innings, and said, Jim, O.K. he called me “Nigga,” a term of endearment, we didn’t know anything about racism we knew we were friends. 

So Dock tells me he’s going to put one right down the middle for me, keep my eyes open and when he yelled swing, hit the ball, I did and went on to be come a difficult to strike out punch and Judy hitter, i.e. singles from that point on.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


 Dock’s Rookie Baseball Card

Dock didn’t pitch in high school, we were on the same basket ball team where I kept the bench warm and he was an amazing point guard, he could dish the ball off or take it to the hoop.  He was amazing.

I’m Jim Campbell and I approve this message.


Seriously, what the problem with pitching a major league baseball game all decked out with curlers in his hair to keep his Afro looking cool?


Dock pitched a no-hitter on L.S.D.  He told us about it during our ten-year high school reunion.

Robbin Williams on Dock’s NO Hitter on LSD.

  Manny Sanguillen, Docks Catcher during their World Series Championship run and a good part of his career.

Indeed he did a lot of bad things but more good things.

Dock’s career ended prematurely because of drug and alcohol abuse.

He became a drug rehabilitation counselor before his death and hopefully helped a number of people.



4 thoughts on “Portrait Of Racism

  1. you forgot to add “Peanut butter and Jelly sandwhiches”

  2. From Twitchy –
    CNN political producer: Romney derisively calls opponents ‘Democrats’

    Posted at 9:59 pm on October 27, 2012 by Twitchy Staff

    Rachel Streitfeld@streitfeldcnn

    When pledging to be bipartisan, Romney uses derisive term for the opposing party. “I’m going to meet regularly with ‘Democrat’ leaders.”

    27 Oct 12 Reply

  3. OMGOSH!! This is great and it’s going on the Soldier! Good Job sir Jim!

  4. I enjoyed reading this tribute and watching all the videos. Your friend would be moved at the care you put into writing this in his memory. You said he once helped you when you were fearful of being at bat and now you’ve paid that kindness forward with a moving tribute which will keep his memory alive. Great job Jim. ⚾️

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