Portrait Of Racism

In memory of my friend and classmate Doc Ellis, I was fortunate to talk with him one week before his death at his home in Apple Valley, CA.


Ode to the most racist administration in United States History.  Thank you Barack Obama.  We can’t wait until he is gone.

I for one am so sick and tired with how he has divided America and Americans, it’s all part of the Saul Alinski paradigm  divide and conquer.

Seriously if one has issues with blacks in the year 2012 that haven’t been pumped into their brains by the media, and Obama’s cadre of race baiters  seek help.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I’m Jim Campbell and I approve this message.


Now Racist In The U.S.

This is a list of things that have been declared racist in the United States of America. Items in quotations have been declared either a “code word” or a “racist dogwhistle.”  Use them at your own risk.

It’s a work in progress, and as more and more things are declared racist, they will be added. If you have a tip, please send it to Tips -at- NowRacistInThe.US.

· · · · · · · · · THE LIST · · · · · · · · ·

Any Political Opposition to President Obama • “Angry” •  “Articulate”Asking Attorney General Eric Holder about Fast & FuriousAsking President Obama to Postpone a Speech • Asking to See President Obama’s College TranscriptsAvoiding Dangerous NeighborhoodsBanners that read “Obama Isn’t Working”  “Blackboard”“Black Clouds”“Black Friday”“Black Hole”“Black Sheep of the Family” • “Blah” • “Break”“Brother” • Calling President Obama the “Entertainer-in-Chief” • Calling Juan Williams “Juan” • Calling President Obama a “Professor”Calling President Obama “Skinny” •  Cheap Toys • “Chicago” • Colorblind Societies“Community organizer”Connecting Obama with Racists • “Cornbread”“Cotton Pickin’” • Criticizing CongressDeclining Support for Failed Policies • Devil’s Food CakeDeath PenaltyDoubting Donovan McNabb • Enforcing Immigration Laws • “Food Stamp President”“Founding Fathers”Fox News • Florida’s Comprehensive Assessment Test • Giving a Poor Black Woman $50Giving Poor High School Kids a JobHallmark CardsHating on Tyler Perry MoviesHerman Cain Saying Black Americans are Brainwashed • “Hip-Hop”Holding a Republican Debate on MLK DayInvestigating Rep. Laura Richardson“Illegal”“Illegal Alien”Joking About President Obama’s Birth CertificateKnickersLimiting Union Power • “Magic Negro” • ‘Master’ and ‘slave’ computer labels • Mentioning the President’s Past Drug Abuse • “Niggardly” • Not Caring about the Very PoorNot Liking “Cop Killer Rappers” Performing in the White House • “Old-fashioned American values” • Old White People Who Didn’t Vote for President ObamaOpposition to Debt Limit Increases • Opposition to the Occupy MovementOpposition to EarmarksOpposition to Spending Food Stamps at Strip Clubs and Casinos • Owning a GunPhotoshopping Barack Obama to Look Like the Joker  • Photoshopping Michelle Obama Into Royalty“Picnic”Planet of the Apes“Privileged” • Pointing Your Finger“Poor Work Ethic” • Protesting ObamaCare  • Quoting Barack ObamaReferencing the “PGA Tour” • Referring to President Obama as a “Marxist”Referring to President Obama By Just His Last Name • Republican Tax PolicyRequiring a College Degree for a Job • Resisting TSA Groping • Saying Michelle Obama has a “Large Posterior” • Saying Another Black Man Resembles President Obama • Saying Welfare Hurt Black People More Than SlaverySchool Vouchers“Shackles”“Shucky-ducky”“Socialist”  • Soil • “States Rights”Staying Open on MLK Day • Supporting Herman Cain • Supporting Newt Gingrich While Being in the Tea Party • “Tar Baby”  • The American Flag • “The Constitution”The Private SectorThe Republican Party (given) • The Tea Party (‘natch) • The TSA • The Wisconsin Budget • Traffic Laws • “Union Boss”  • “Uppity-ism”  • Using President Obama’s Middle Name • Visiting Poland • Voter ID Laws •  Wanting Smaller Government • War on Drugs“Water Buffalo”White Frog PrincesWhite People“YOU LIE!”“You Mad Bro?”

3 responses to “Portrait Of Racism

  1. you forgot to add “Peanut butter and Jelly sandwhiches”

  2. From Twitchy –
    CNN political producer: Romney derisively calls opponents ‘Democrats’

    Posted at 9:59 pm on October 27, 2012 by Twitchy Staff

    Rachel Streitfeld@streitfeldcnn

    When pledging to be bipartisan, Romney uses derisive term for the opposing party. “I’m going to meet regularly with ‘Democrat’ leaders.”

    27 Oct 12 Reply

  3. OMGOSH!! This is great and it’s going on the Soldier! Good Job sir Jim!

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