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Some new and some old.
The General
 The Best I have Seen In A Very Long Time






Speaking of Dogs!





Original art, could fit into poster below. NOTE:  New Obama Logo bottom right.



The liberal mind views Islam and it’s totalitarian teachings as something worth striving to attain for the U.S.


Perhaps this was close to the truth….


-1 copy 2

Obama decides Holder must pay for Fast and Furious.

-1 copy

Given the word she is going to take the fall.

-1 copy

Obama’s water boy

-3 copy

Life for Holder once he is kicked to the curb


A piss poor follow up to Ayn Rands amazing book.


Thinking Obama will pin it on Holder






340wde_Nancy-Pelosi_Lying-About-No-Deficit-SpendingHyena Breath Pelosi


1632-animal-monkey-shoot-gunEven Obama is packing

cat-w-mgGun Control Doesn’t Work

Equal opportunity blamer. If he blamed Hillary, the Bus made in Canada would crash.  He has two of them.  

At our home he is referred to as butt whipe

Why Obama didn’t need to attend intelligence briefings

Obama the ditherer original Libyan policy

On Libya I’m going with the Clinton defense, it worked for him.

The progressive brain is stored where Obama keeps his. Both cells die from oxygen deprivation.

I refuse to make “adults cry” Not worth the effort.

For the first time in his life the half white guy is right

Oh course, we didn’t think we would be grabbing our ankles in the process.

Ya Think?

Obama the great pretender, Muslim apologist and suck up

Bet on it

Democrats, the party of woe and failed delusions

Maggi always had it rightAn additional reason for stopping the Manchurian Candidate

Wow is Obama blaming Bush?  That’s a first

Noted: Change coming January 20, 2013

With the exception of Michael Yon

Michael is beholden to no one, he pays his way and has been all over Iraq and Afghanistan from contributions to his site above, the sale of his books and photos.  A former Green Beret, he has seen danger up close and personal.

Finally the truth from this dirt bag

Trusting spooks to tell the truth except the half one in the White House

Ya think?

How Obama got elected

The Media in Action

Viewers and believers of this network are on LSD

Bernanke can’t even get his shit straight

Sadly old Joe is right

You got to love Clint Eastwood

It is called the emission of Alpha waves

When will the IRS bust this chump again  for not paying his?

Genetics: Obama closed from Carter stool sample

Has Obama ever told the truth?  Yep, when he said he would redistribute our wealth, not the governments but ours.

Anyone who thinks Obama is the answer didn’t understand the question

Why it is futile to argue with progressive democrats

With the U.S. Media the only way to reelection

Islam is a malignant metastatic tumor that kills the host

Never happen here Spanky

The Truth and Obama in the same picture

Perhaps you belong someplace else?

What Nancy never sees when she looks in the mirror it a psychosis thing!

Einstein’s most outstanding quote.

Settling the dispute of Capitalism V Marxism in the Congressional Gym in 1/4 of the first round.

The Truth Democrats are registering dead animals now, Google it, I’m on a roll

When the going get’s tough, the tough get going. Follow the money

Obama’s Economic Plan

Coming to you from the current administration 24-7

Geologist and Driller come to terms with Obama’s Energy Policy

Beats thinking about the stuff that goes on here!

A second term exercise program for apologizes to the entire world

Click on Hillary’s face to start the party!

What ethics committee? I’m dying with my boots on I can always steal an election just like I did in the last primary.

Good wife’s are hard to find!

New Director of Home Land Insecurity replaces Janet off the Planet

If Barney Frank were not a coward this would have been the unit assigned to take his fat ass.

Trying to hid the lady with the blue dress on.  CLINTON’s alway lie DNA doesn’t. Disbarred for lying to congress and impeached, sadly not convicted. Moral relativism started with this nut ball.

Happens with too many feet in the same mouth with a non function brain.

Our leader get used to it until November 6th. Should he steal the election that will be a declaration of war.

The Taxpayers thank you assholes for not taking Air Force One

Pork eating pedophile

Dead Dictator’s last sight on earth before being dispatched to HELL.

How many people will Obama actually care should Obama’s health care denial and rationing plan including death panels from the elderly not be completely repealed?

Dead Man Soon to be walking dictator

The wave or consequences of a tsunami?

The difference between Glen Becks Restoring Honor Rally and a Rally of Thugs

Keep believing it Kid and you will be going no place fast

Jo Biden’s Mind: Joe Biden’s Mind on LSD look closely for the difference

Obama can’t get laid so this is how he beats off

Below Ode to Obama

Moon Czar Just Appointed Mental Health Czar

Kool Aid Rotted Lots of Minds

Who Says subliminal ads don’t work

I have no idea why this is here but it’s cool

The Future of Our Country Under Obama

It seems the love may have gone with all the tax the rich lingo

The protesters want their student loans forgiven (among other things). Shouldn’t they go to the problem and demand refunds from the schools that never  taught them to spell?


No dear our well-being is not linked to your well-being. We have already made it and did so the good old fashion way. Soon you will wake up.  Here’s a hint, reality is a bitch. 



Woody Williams




17 thoughts on “MORE NEW ART

  1. Nice gallery, here’s a few from my world

  2. In related news, Tiger Woods always gives 110 percent. That is why he gave 100 percent to his wife and still had 10 percent left over for his alleged mistress.

  3. The Score iz
    Tiger Woods —–18
    Obama———-300 million
    Better late then never, The Church OK’s the Condom

    • Poet that’s 350 million you can count the kids they are paying now as well. The bill with interest comes do later. This must be the first POTUS that was knowingly a child molester. Think about it, J.C.

  4. scwheet……i shared with “hundres, maybe thousands!” still LMAO

  5. Politics be it left OR right will not save you. They are all on the same team.

  6. Dave you are correct, we’re on the way to hell, the difference is the republicans are using a row boat, the democrats are using a jet! I sure hope America wakes up before this Kenyan clown can do any more damage.

  7. Wow, I’m going to have to be the lone voice of reason here and ask:

    Do you not realize how racist half this stuff is? Or do you not care?


    • RE Seriously Twisted Art, Did you have to go there? Thanks for your comments on racism. I find those that are hung up with it are the racists. I will say since the 1/2 black guy has been trying to divide our country racially and socioeconomically that I’ve begun to be more discussed with him. I don’t hate him just his policies. You would as well if you didn’t keep your head where he has his. Come out and catch some air. J.C.

  8. To the “LONE voice of reason ”
    Racist , really ?
    or is it Racist to rally behind a leader who endlessly Hypes your skin color as the sole reason for all your short comings and that all others owe you for this miss fortune.
    YOU ARE THE RACIST the 1% that depend on rally cry of dependence .
    This country came into its self on the Promise that you have a right to try.
    You follow those that say you can’t because of your color. You fell for the words out of the Wife Beaters Hand book of how to control “your nothing whiteout me” and you believe it because its been food for your insecurity , you never sought truth only words of comfort .
    “Don’t cruse the dark , light a candle” .(MLK)

  9. @Chiiill….

    Better get to a Doctor quick! I think you just might be suffering from Cranial Rectumitis!! Don’t leave it for too long as Methane kills brain cells and it’s obvious you’ve already lost enough of those!
    I Refuse To Have A Battle Of Wits With An Unarmed Person

  10. Hey Chiiill, you are a lone voice, but without reason. Racist is not the word, unless you just like to make up definitions, the word you are looking for is bigot. Then again you who are offended by the truth are not known for your intellect. Please do us a favor chiiill and DO NOT procreate. The world thanks you. Ignorant P.O.S.

  11. If only they had correct grammar and spelling.

  12. RadarRecon,
    Right there with ya. Thinkin’ the same thing.

  13. SMH… yall jumped all over the lady… but, probably said nothing when Busch was causing all this mess… Blow up some muslims….. who didn’t even have WMD’s… I bet yall believe that there is no jobs because of Mexicans too huh…. Terrible, come out of those woods and visit the cities you want some air.. talking shid from ya barns..

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