EPA’s Absurd Defense of Its Greenhouse Gas Regulations

Comment by Jim Campbell

The law suit to end all law suits on this issue would be to file a criminal complaint against for the perpetration of a fraud to help others receive financial gain with absolutely not a single shred of proof in the modern literature that carbon “science” is nothing more than political science.  When the experts testify under oath, the “believers” will be taking the 5th or refuse to answer the subpenaa , most being members of the EU and all.  Yes fine them big time.

Less you think this agency has not gone completely off the rails through the EPA through the Obama administration  is about to ban asthma inhalers because of their supposed effect on the ozone layer.  Patients much switch to non-chlorofluorocarbons inhalers which cost 2-3 times as much.  Have you ever seen a child in in the middle of an asthma attack?  Have we had enough of this tyrannical government yet?  I certainly have.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently filed a court brief in its ongoing litigation over the regulation of greenhouse gas emissions. Amazingly, they are saying it would be absurd to follow the law. I’m not joking, as I will demonstrate below. The Institute for Energy Research (IER) has consistently opposed granting the federal government even further intervention into the operation of the economy and specifically of energy markets. Ironically, EPA’s own court documents are evidence of just how burdensome and unrealistic their stated objectives are, and why our opposition is sound.