Benghazi Survivors Remain Gagged by Federal Law: Does it trump the U.S. Constitution?


Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

Only an administration that believed it was above the law and more importantly one that was guilty of lying and attempting to cover up the entire operation and subsequent deaths that resulted in the tragedy of Benghazi.


Where in the U.S. Constitution is authorization for the State Department to hold U.S. Citizens hostage? 


Will we ever know the answers to Benghazigate?

It’s isn’t their silence and unavailability allow the lie to proceed.

It is also great that legislators and none other that Lindsey Graham who I have absolutely no respect are pressing for the truth.

A major hurdle exists in that the Obama administration’s Justice Department has prosecuted more federal employees for leaking information to the press under the 1917 Espionage Act than all other administrations combined.  

Rather odd that the biggest obstructor of Justice in U.S. History is still in position to prosecute any American citizen for any crime. 

Since Benghazi was never an Embassy but a covert gun running operation is it conceivable all the alleged ammunition purchases are red flag ops to scare We the People, when they plan sell, or furnish them to  al queda, ansar al-sharia, or the rest of US enemies abroad as they have already done?

Are our memories so short that we have forgotten operation Fast and Furious?

Interesting with continued obstruction of Justice we know what happened there but can’t prove it.

We continually read articles how different agencies of the government, Homeland Security, Social Security, The National Weather Service and others are stock piling billions of round of ammunition.

In the case of Home Land Security, they recently purchased 700, fully automatic weapons allegedly for personal protection.

Breitbart’s Big Covernment

by Kerry Picket

Many continue to ask why the media and lawmakers have not spoken to or brought forth those who survived the deadly attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi last September. The truth of the matter is the Americans who survived that attack cannot legally reveal to members of the press or most lawmakers that they were even witnesses to the attack in Benghazi.
According to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, immediately following the attack, the FBI, as part of the agency’s investigation, interviewed survivors of the Benghazi attack.
Bill Bransford, a Washington, D.C. attorney at Shaw Bransford & Roth P.C. who specializes in federal employment law told Breitbart News on Tuesday, “First of all, I’m assuming that most of these people who witnessed the attack, except for the State Department folks, would be intelligence people, and they are not covered by the whistle blower protection laws.”
Bransford added, “They are covered by whatever policies their agency has. An executive order that President Obama issued in the late fall in which he ordered the intelligence community to come up with a more effective whistle blower protection system, which has not yet been developed.” (Entire article below)