A black man talks to cheering negros on their vote for Obama and his win in November

images-1Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist and Patriot.

It was indeed interesting to listen to an articulate black man speak to negro Obama voters as monkeys, slaves and fools. 


He was absolutely correct. 

Sadly he limited his remarks to black voters when for the most part Whites who voted for Obama including Hollywood’s elite are uneducated fools.


Obama has done nothing productive for this country, he has divided us by color and wealth, and is rapidly turning America into a 2nd class country as he redistributes wealth not to the less fortunate among us but to nations of the third world.


Who long are we going to subject ourselves to a fascist dictator who is surrounded by a congress with few exceptions have no testosterone or estrogen anywhere within their bodies?

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

Team Obama desides ‘White collar voters ‘votes no longer needed’

New York Times

Thomas B. Edsall

Could Obama’s economic advisers now be in charge of his election campaign?
For decades, Democrats have been losing more and more blue-collar whites. Their alienation helped lead to the massive Republican wave in 2010, when the GOP wooed 30 percent more of them than the Democrats could.
The strategy to go after those who are on food stamps, welfare , unemployed and other federal programs along with the elitist college professors, who have never held a real job, trial lawyers, psychologists, and the usual idiots in Hollywood seems like a natural disaster to me.  This was touched upon by Rush yesterday and it’s laughable.

President Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign will be the first in modern political history to abandon white working-class voters, strategists claim.

Democratic strategists say President Obama is focusing his attention, instead, on poor black and Hispanic voters and educated white professionals.
President Barack Obama

Abandoned: President Barack Obama has been focusing on Hispanic voters and educated whites instead of working-class white Americans.

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Why Black Americans Didn’t Vote

Lurita Doan


Lurita Doan

Town Hall

In what appears to be a gross application of  reverse racism, the Obama administration inexplicably applied a racial-preference policy move.

In late September, Obama signed legislation that selectively ranks minorities in order of importance for competing for federal contracting dollars. Black American businesses found themselves relegated to the bottom tiers of the program, forced to give precedence to Hawaiian Americans and Alaskan Indians.

I have frequently opined on this site, is Obama intentionally trying to destroy our economy are is he too ignorant to understand the consequences of his economic policies.  I will not give up on the former, but now believe he and his handlers are bungling fools who may have inadvertantly welcomed the black voter back to the Party of Lincoln.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C.

An Ignorant Fool  Dumped on Black America

Black Americans voted with their feet in the 2010 midterm elections: they stayed home in record numbers and were one of the biggest reasons Democrats lost a record number of seats.  Nor should anyone be surprised why so many Blacks decided to sit this one out.  Black American voters may be becoming increasingly disillusioned with government, disillusioned with President Obama and his promises of job creation, disillusioned with his promises of change.  And so they stayed home, a statistic supported by a recent CBS News report that cites lower turnout in most minority segments of the U.S. population than in 2008, but especially within the Black community.

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