Blackwater Ditches Xe for Yet Another New Name Academi: Seeks contracts in Iraq

Wall Street Journal


Despite new ownership, a new board and new management, security contractor Xe Services LLC could never shake a troublesome nickname: the company formerly known as Blackwater.

Now, it’s the company formerly known as Xe.

The Blackwater/Nisoor Square Massacre

“Unprovoked” Baghdad Bloodbath Leaves 17 Civilians dead on September 16, 2007

Blackwater takes issue with the “unprovoked allegations:

Please note: “SAF Attack on COM Team”

State Dept. Convoy Attacked in Baghdad, Sparking a Shootout

The Blackwater guards’ account of the incident differed from that set forth in an Iraqi government account. The latter claimed that as the convoy drew close to Nisour Square, a Kia sedan with a woman and her grown son in it was approaching the square from a distance, driving slowly on the wrong side of the road, and that the driver ignored a police officer’s whistle to clear a path for the convoy.According to this account, the security team fired warning shots and then lethal fire at the Kia. Then set off stun grenades to clear the scene. Iraqi police and Iraqi Army soldiers, mistaking the stun grenades for fragmentation grenades, opened fire at the Blackwater men, to which they responded.

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