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Holder to Cruz: No Conflict Having Obama Donor Investigate IRS Scandal

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.


What’s the problem, this is the same twisted logic used by Obama when he suggested  Holder’s department investigate Operation Fast and Furious and cleared him.

Eric Holder is Obama’s butt plate, like Obama a pathological liar but in Holders case a recidivist perjurer  and obstructor of Justice.


Why not let the coaches referee the final games of the NCAA Final Four?

National Review Online
March 23, 2014

I know you’ll be shocked to hear that Attorney General Eric Holder has rejected Senator Ted Cruz’s call for an independent prosecutor to probe the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups.

I wrote about the senator’s demand when he made it two months ago (see here; see also the WSJ op-ed by Congressman Jim Jordan (R., OH), on the same topic, focusing on Lois Lerner’s invocation of the Fifth Amendment).

Senator Cruz has released a statement in response:

It is the height of hypocrisy for the Obama Administration to claim that the investigator leading the investigation into the IRS’s illegal program has no conflict of interest.

The investigator is a partisan Democrat who has donated over six thousand dollars to President Obama and Democrat causes.

Just as nobody would trust John Mitchell to investigate Richard Nixon, nobody should trust a partisan Obama donor to investigate the IRS’s political targeting of President Obama’s enemies.

Sadly, “in the discretion of the Attorney General,” Eric Holder has chosen to reject the bipartisan tradition of the Department of Justice of putting rule of law above political allegiance.

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Finally: Manuel Osorio-Arellanes pleaded guilty to felony first degree murder Border Patrol agent Brian Terry

crew-223Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.
Attorney General Eric Holder bungling of Operation Fast and Furious, A.K.A.
About to perjure himself before congress.
“Gun Walker.” clearly show that he is inept scum.
Why he has not been impeached or fired is beyond this reporter.
This case will never be closed until Eric Holder is breaking rocks at Leaven Worth Maximum Security Prison in Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas.
Tucson News Now’s Barbara Grijalva
A Mexican man was sentenced to 30 years in prison for his part in the death of
Border Patrol agent Brian Terry in what has come to be known as the Fast and Furious case.
Manuel Osorio-Arellanes pleaded guilty to felony first degree murder and faced the possibility of life in prison.
Read more on this late breaking story here: http://bit.ly/1dCRMRK.
Watch KOLD News 13 at 4, 5, and 6 p.m. for more about this story and to hear what the family had to say.
Tucson News Now’s Barbara Grijalva attended the sentencing. She can be

DEA, U.S Attorneys Secretly Met with Drug Cartels in Mexico to Obtain Info on Rivals

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.
Would you like an inside look at the most crooked department with in the federal government that we know about at this moment in time? Here is an excellent account of “The U.S. Department of Justice,”  Where justice can’t be found.
Follow the money
It’s odd that Breitbart’s “Big Government,” could gather so much information, including court documents while Darrel Issa’s House Oversight Committee on Government seems incapable of nailing these miscreants at this time. 

Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government

U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) agents and U.S Attorneys held secret meetings with drug trafficking organizations, especially, on Mexican soil, revealed Mexico-based newspaper El Universal.
The DEA and the U.S. Attorney’s office are both components of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). 
Official and court documents from the U.S and Mexican governments were cited as the source in the Jan. 6 news report. 
Court documents show that the U.S. government knew and authorized those meetings, which resulted in drug seizures, arrests, and an increase in drug cartel violence in Mexico.  
The paper published excerpts from U.S. court documents to support their claims. Breitbart News confirmed the validity of the court papers. 
El Universal alleges that the DEA operations were carried out without the knowledge of the Mexican government. 
The paper reported that it obtained the court and official documents in the course of a year. During that time, it also conducted interviews with “more than a hundred” active and retired officials from both countries. The paper also interviewed inmates, their family, and experts.
In an effort to obtain information on their rivals, DEA agents and U.S. attorneys met with leaders of Mexican drug trafficking organizations, especially the notoriously violent Sinaloa cartel.
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ATF Agent Sends Shockwaves Across Internet With Explosive Allegations About ‘Fast and Furious’ and Brian Terry’s Death

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper  and Patriot.

In what appears to be a clear case of “The end justifies the mean’s” numerous laws were broken to make DEA and FBI agents in charge to look like  rock stars. 


Is there an agency or element of the Obama administration that isn’t completely corrupt?

We will never know because, Eric Holder is Obama’s ass gasket many of our courts are run by equally corrupt judges thus evil doers will not likely be brought to justice.

sZFUx2ElTHBAyJjkHdAR768djTi6ZyhaJC0rsdYbyoNUgtlKZAtWh6ioL03dVNcJ432F5GOb4Jirij5WeoQVyntcqHJk4RsM56PFzfrBRBbfP7wNVSyk80hZWOBC0P6IBQ=s0-d-e1-ftBorder Agent Brian Terry (AP)

The Cartels were given carte blanche to continue to smuggle tons of illicit drugs into Chicago and the rest of the United States and were also protected by the United States government from arrest and prosecution in return for providing information against rival cartels which helped Mexican and United States authorities capture or kill thousands of rival cartel members,” the defense motion in the case reads.
Federal Agent Claims FBI Had Ties to Mexican Bandits Who Killed Brian Terry

ATF agent-turned-whistleblower John Dodson in Phoenix. (Photo: AP/Matt York)

The Blaze

John Dodson, the federal agent who blew the lid off the Justice Department’s “Fast and Furious” gun-walking scandal, claims the FBI had ties to the men who killed U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in 2010 near Nogales, Ariz.
In fact, Dodson says the Mexican bandits who gunned down Terry were working for FBI operatives and had been sent to the border to do a “drug rip-off” using intelligence gathered by the DEA.
Dodson, a special agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, said he doesn’t think the FBI was part of the rip-off crew, but the agency was “directing the rip crew.” The explosive claims were made in an interview with The Arizona Republic this week and are already creating some waves across the Internet.
The allegations are also found in Dodson’s recently released book, “The Unarmed Truth,” which chronicles his role as a whistleblower during Operation Fast and Furious. The Obama administration unsuccessfully tried to block the publication of his book.
Terry belonged to an elite Border Patrol tactical team sent to a remote area known as Peck Canyon, roughly a dozen miles northwest of Nogales, where violence had escalated because criminal gangs were stealing narcotics from drug runners known as mules.
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This is BIG: Fresh DOJ loss in ‘Fast and Furious’ docs fight


Comment by Jim Campbell Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.
Officially Eric Holder, Attorney General for the most corrupt administration in United States History will be held in contempt of Congress.
That for those who are unaware has absolutely little or no meaning.  
Eric Holder is pictured. | AP Photo

The legal fight arose after the Justice Department refused to comply with House subpoenas. | AP Photo

Perhaps this is why a Watergate special prosecutor should have been put in place to make sure if justified Holder would do some hard time in Prison.

Of course in our system of “Justice,” Holder would pick his own prosecutor.

We the People will never receive an honest break with thugs and criminals running the show.

The Politico is a completely leftward online magazine.  In the tank for Obama and spreading the word as far as they can.

Listen to this progressive blow hard wax on about his concern for the people when he knows it’s only for show.


Politico 44

A federal judge has rejected Attorney General Eric Holder’s attempt to keep the courts from wading into the “Fast and Furious” documents dispute that led to him being held in contempt by the House last year.

In a ruling Monday night, U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson turned down the Justice Department’s request to dismiss a lawsuit brought by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee after President Barack Obama asserted executive privilege to prevent some records about the administration’s response to the “Operation Fast and Furious” gunrunning scandal from being turned over to Congress.

“This case presents the sort of question that the courts are traditionally called upon to resolve,” Jackson said in her 44-page decision, issued more than five months after lawyers argued the issue in her packed courtroom and more than a year after the House committee filed suit. “Dismissing the case without hearing it would in effect place the court’s finger on the scale, designating the executive as the victor based solely on his untested assertion that the privilege applies,” she wrote.

(QUIZ: How well do you know Eric Holder?)

A Justice Department spokesman said officials there were reviewing the decision.

The legal fight arose after the Justice Department refused to comply with House subpoenas seeking information about the response to “Operation Fast and Furious,” a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives undercover operation targeting gun trafficking along and across the Mexican border.

DOJ’s Inspector General and Congressional investigators found that the operation may have resulted in as many as 2000 weapons flowing to narco-traffickers with little or no effort to track them. The weapons have shown up at crime scenes on both sides or the border as well as at the fatal shooting of a U.S. Border Patrol agent in 2010.

DOJ officials say they turned over virtually all records about the operation and about the department’s response through a February 4, 2011 letter to Congress that contained inaccurate information and was later withdrawn. However, officials refused to turn over internal communications after that time dealing with responses to congressional and press inquiries.

Obama backed up the department by asserting executive privilege over those documents days before the House voted to hold Holder in contempt for not turning over the records.

Justice Department lawyers had argued that if Jackson got involved in the dispute, all document fights between Congress and the executive branch could wind up in the courts rather than being resolved through negotiation. But the judge rejected that argument.

Entire article below.

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Do you believe in coincidence?


Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.
We are asked to believe an administration that has only said one honest thing, “With my energy plan, electricity  will necessarily sky-rocket.
After all these guys may well have invented the shell game as well.
shell game 2_1_0
Seriously when hasn’t this group of reprobates been trying to distract We The People?
Was is Fast and Furious, Benghazi, SEAL Team VI’ s faked Killing Bin Laden, Obama’s phony long form birth certificate, and now potentially due principally to his arrogance over Syriam getting the U.S. involved, make that starting World War III?
NASA robotic explorer launched to moon runs into equipment trouble

Fox News
  • nasa.jpg
    Sept. 6, 2013: In this photo provided by NASA, an unmanned Minotaur rocket carries NASA’s newest robotic explorer, the LADEE spacecraft, which is charged with studying the lunar atmosphere and dust, after launching to the moon from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. (AP/NASA)
NASA’s newest robotic explorer rocketed into space late Friday in an unprecedented moonshot from Virginia that dazzled sky watchers along the East Coast.
But the LADEE spacecraft quickly ran into equipment trouble, and while NASA assured everyone early Saturday that the lunar probe was safe and on a perfect track for the moon, officials acknowledged the problem needs to be resolved in the next two to three weeks.
S. Peter Worden, director of NASA’s Ames Research Center in California, which developed the spacecraft, told reporters he’s confident everything will be working properly in the next few days.
LADEE’s reaction wheels were turned on to orient and stabilize the spacecraft, which was spinning too fast after it separated from the final rocket stage, Worden said. But the computer automatically shut the wheels down, apparently because of excess current. He speculated the wheels may have been running a little fast.
Worden stressed there is no rush to “get these bugs ironed out.”
The LADEE spacecraft, which is charged with studying the lunar atmosphere and dust, soared aboard an unmanned Minotaur rocket a little before midnight from Virginia’s Eastern Shore.
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IRS Inspector General is Disturbed by Documents He Didn’t Get All

crew 2

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

For the live of me I have no clue what he is disturbed about, this could have been Benghazi or Fast and Furious.


Apparently nobody will be held accountable in these cover ups and people died.
Washington, D.C.
By Richard Rubin

(Bloomberg) The Internal Revenue Service’s inspector general told Congress he’s “disturbed” that he didn’t receive until this month a July 2010 document that mentioned scrutiny of “progressive” nonprofit groups.

J. Russell GeorgeJ. Russell George

“I am very disturbed that these documents were not provided to our auditors at the outset, and we are currently reviewing this issue,” J. Russell George told the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. “I’m concerned that there may be additional pieces of information that we don’t have.”


George’s May 14 audit, showing the IRS singled out Tea Party groups that sought tax-exempt status, sparked a controversy that has cost IRS executives their jobs and led to a criminal investigation. Democrats have criticized George for failing to disclose that Republican-leaning groups weren’t the only ones that received extra scrutiny.


The inquiries into the IRS have become increasingly partisan as Republicans continue their pursuit of Washington-based IRS officials who were involved in the review process.

‘Unanswered Question’
“The big unanswered question of all these hearings is why. Why were these groups targeted,” said Representative Scott Des Jarlais, a Tennessee Republican. “There does seem to be somebody who doesn’t want the truth to come out.”

Democrats have argued that the initial insinuations by Republicans of a political conspiracy have proven to be untrue.

The documents that were the focus of George’s comments today include a presentation that lumped progressives with Tea Party groups and meeting minutes that said progressives weren’t Tea Party groups.

George said he doesn’t have complete findings on how progressive groups were scrutinized.

He said in his testimony that IRS officials were the ones who said they had focused on Tea Party groups for potential impermissible political involvement and not progressive groups identified in another part of a Be on the Lookout, or BOLO, document.

“We focused our audit on the BOLO entries shown in this document precisely because the IRS represented that these were the criteria relevant to potential political cases,” George said.

Pro-Democrat Groups
George said he had known since May 20 that there were BOLO listings that had included Democratic-leaning groups. He said he would have written the audit differently if he had known about that beforehand.

“You know people’s heads would explode if you talked about Tea Party BOLOs and you didn’t mention any other ones,” said Representative Matthew Cartwright, a Pennsylvania Democrat.
George responded to criticism from Democrats that he had blocked the release of certain information about Democratic-leaning groups on the July 2010 document. He said the IRS changed its mind about whether that information is subject to taxpayer-privacy rules and that the inspector general’s lawyers are reviewing the issue.

George also said that he had been told there was a “smoking gun” in e-mails showing the origins of the scrutiny. That’s why investigators looked at 5,500 e-mails and found no evidence of political motivation.

The committee also heard from Elizabeth Hofacre, who processed applications in Cincinnati, and Carter Hull, a retired IRS employee based in Washington.

Representative Jim Jordan, an Ohio Republican, focused on the fact that Hull, a 48-year veteran of the IRS, had Tea Party cases taken from him and given to a junior employee after a meeting with attorneys from the IRS chief counsel’s office.

“The real harassment was never getting to an answer” as the groups were kept waiting in their bid for tax-exempt status, Jordan said.

Jordan said the committee plans to seek testimony from William Wilkins, the chief counsel of the IRS. Wilkins is a political appointee of President Barack Obama. So far, no evidence has emerged that Wilkins was involved in the scrutiny of politically oriented nonprofit groups.

Holder Begs Court to Stop Document Release on Fast and Furious

god-bless-americaComment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

Eric Holder should be begging if the truth is ever uncovered he may well be swinging from a rope.

Have we waited long enough for these people who were involved with the killing of people as in to many to count starting with Boarder Patrolman  Brian Terry to be brought to justice and hopefully be put behind bars?

agent-brian-terryBryan Terry

What is wrong with the Congress of the United States and Darrel Issa’s committee that he is incapable of putting these criminals behind bars?

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

Breitbart’s Big Government

by Matthew Boyle

1Attorney General Eric Holder and his Department of Justice have asked a federal court to indefinitely delay a lawsuit brought by watchdog group Judicial Watch. The lawsuit seeks the enforcement of open records requests relating to Operation Fast and Furious, as required by law.

Judicial Watch had filed, on June 22, 2012, a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request seeking all documents relating to Operation Fast and Furious and “specifically [a]ll records subject to the claim of executive privilege invoked by President Barack Obama on or about June 20, 2012.”

The administration has refused to comply with Judicial Watch’s FOIA request, and in mid-September the group filed a lawsuit challenging Holder’s denial. That lawsuit remains ongoing but within the past week President Barack Obama’s administration filed what’s called a “motion to stay” the suit. Such a motion is something that if granted would delay the lawsuit indefinitely.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said that Holder’s and Obama’s desire to continually hide these Fast and Furious documents is “ironic” now that they’re so gung-ho on gun control. “It is beyond ironic that the Obama administration has initiated an anti-gun violence push as it seeking to keep secret key documents about its very own Fast and Furious gun walking scandal,” Fitton said in a statement. “Getting beyond the Obama administration’s smokescreen, this lawsuit is about a very simple principle: the public’s right to know the full truth about an egregious political scandal that led to the death of at least one American and countless others in Mexico. The American people are sick and tired of the Obama administration trying to rewrite FOIA law to protect this president and his appointees. Americans want answers about Fast and Furious killings and lies.” Complete article below.

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