Kerry Pushes UN Gun Control


Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

What else did you expect would happen when you found out that Jane Fonda with no balls was confirmed as Secretary of State.

images-1Kerry make a perfect addition to Obama’s clueless advisers.

Fit’s perfectly with the ant-war faction of Obama’s progressive party, yep let’s get rid of all our guns so just criminals, rapists, murders and home invasion artists have them.


The United States often enters into agreements with other countries. Two types of agreements are treaties and executive agreements.

By Dick Morris

The Hill

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The United States Constitution art. 2, § 2 dictates that treaties are international agreements that have received the advice and consent of two-thirds of the Senate and have been ratified by the President.

There are two types of treaties. Bilateral treaties are agreements made by two countries. Multilateral treaties are agreements made by three or more countries. As chief executive of the United States, the President has the authority to create international agreements with other nations without Senate approval. These international agreements are called executive agreements.

Treaty-Making Process

Treaties are initiated at the executive level of government usually by the President or the Secretary of State. A representative for the United States is sent to negotiate the terms of the treaty with the representatives of other countries. When the parties agree on the terms, the representative submits the terms to the Secretary of State for approval. If the terms are accepted by the Secretary of State, then the representative will sign the treaty. The Secretary of State submits the treaty to the President for transmittal to the Senate.

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