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Turn out the lights the party’s just about over

By Jim Campbell

Readers at this site have noted from the bizarre way the members of the sinking ship have been acting now that they know it’s game over.  From saying to AFL-CIO members,  Joe Biden, calling Tea Party members barbarians and telling them,(union members) “They are the only people keeping the barbarians from the gate.  

Jimmy Hoffa Jr. telling AFL-CIO members during his speech on Michigan on Labor Day, “Take these son of a bitches out,” ” President Obama this is your army, Rep. D-IN) Andre Carson’s remark that tea party members would like to see black people “hanging on a tree” and finally, but just the beginning folks  Maxine Waters telling the Tea Party to go “Straight to Hell.”

Would somebody please contact the ACLU it seems there is a great deal of “Hate Speech” going on and shouldn’t it be stopped?  Nope not really, let them show and tell America by their words and deeds exactly who they are.  The party of no ideas or plans to get America going in the right direction. 

These are nothing but signs of desperation of those who decided to play Tarot with our lives and have simultaneously been dealt the death card.

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