Obama Calls for More Redistribution of Wealth, Declaring: ‘I Am My Brother’s Keeper’

Commentary by Jim Campbell

Big shock, Obama is a complete fraud.  If he were sending money to his brother in Kenya, it would be headline news and all over Google.  Not surprisingly, no such story can be found.

Like most socialists and progressives they are generous as long as it’s the taxpayers money and not their own. See “Bleeding Heart Tightwads,” one of many articles illustrating the point.

Photograph: Thomas Mukoya / Reuters/REUTERS

George Obama, stepbrother of Barack Obama, attends a news conference in Nyangoma Kogelo village. He had been arrested on drug charges. Perhaps in lieu of money elder brother Barack sent George some of his private stash?

On August 6, 2010–  Obama praised Kenya for approving a controversial new constitution that liberalized abortion laws and that partially implements Muslim Sharia law within Kenya’s borders.  

As a U.S. Senator, Obama went to Kenya and campaigned for the mass murderer, Raul Odinga, a communist and supporter of Sharia law. In doing so he violated the Logan Act. The Logan Act, initiated by President John Adams in 1798 prohibited his action and of course he will never be held accountable.

It’s a damn shame the American electorate was not smart enough to understand the video above.

Personally, I would love to ‘smell the testosterone and estrogen’ so woefully missing among those we  have elected to congress.  See Actor Robert Duval, in the movie trailer “Apocalypse Now,” loving the smell of napalm in the morning.

(CNSNews.com) – In a campaign speech in Vermont on Friday, President Barack Obama referenced the biblical story of Cain and Abel in condemning what he called “you’re-on-your-own economics” while arguing for a number of policies that involve government transferring wealth from one group of citizens to another—including providing public schools with more money for teachers’ salaries, freezing the interest rates on government-backed student loans, supporting companies developing biofuels, electric batteries and wind and solar power and funding scientists who are doing research on stem cells and climate change.

White House Spent $23M of Taxpayer Money to Back Kenyan Communist Dictator Raila Odinga’s Vision Of A New Constitution


Comments by Jim Campbell

Perhaps you missed this story as it wasn’t covered by the moribund ‘mail stream media.’ Obama says, “I am my brother’s keeper.” His brother begs to differ. Literally be begs.  Using search terms on multiple search engines I’ve not been able to find any credible sources that indicate that Obama has given his brother, living on $1 /month.  Perhaps it’s just the “Obama way” Apparently, Obama is fine with spending our tax dollars but not spending his own money.

Obama’s half-brother George Hussein Obama

According to George,This communist Marxist stuff just ain’t working for me I’ve decided to go capitalist.  I wouldn’t have to work at all if my brother wasn’t so cheap. 

Obama, Obama Kenya visit 2006 to help Raila Odinga, ODM party, win putting a communist dictator in power has not  worked well for Kenyans. Obama as a U.S. Senator in all likelihood violated the Logan Act.

The Logan Act:

Barack Obama visited Kenya in 2006 and campaigned for his cousin, Raila Odinga, a member of the radical ODM party. Obama also criticized the Kenyan government. Obama’s actions in Kenya are a possible violation of the Logan Act. Here is a video of Obama and Raila Odinga, a known communist.

This was nothing more that a ploy to obtain Muslim votes in America.

Here is an exerpt from the official Kenyan Government response to Obama’s visit:

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The Corridor to Hell and more reasons Jimmy Carter and fancy Nancy must be put behind bars

This is absolutely certain to blow your mind. It was written by a friend on Face Book who apparently lived through six months of hell while they destroyed his land.  Enjoy, a very great read.

Oh and about the peanut farmer, he’s a perpetual violator of the Logan Act. Oh my and it appears not so fancy Nancy took an unauthorized trip  that also violated the Logan Act when she traveled to Syria against the wishes of the State Department and met with President Basher Assad.  Bummer she didn’t fly her broom, she flew on your dime.  Put them both in the gray bar hotel, same cell what the hell.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C.

Get the barf bag ready, this Kling On  must be sentenced to death!

Corridor to Hell

by Scott Amos

Alas, it all makes sense.

Connecting Corridors Wilderness. And us tiny hamlet dwellers, pesky private property “owners” have “foiled” the plans to give bunnies super-highways all over the USA. Therefore it is our government’s “rightful duty” to steal our land, give it to the bunnies via H.R. 5101.

Waste millions and billions or gazillions of taxpayer dollars while the Chinese, Iranians, Russians and other foreign governments, not friendly to our own, sit back and laugh at our stupidity while we free-fall into socialism, communism, Marxism. Or worst of all, environmentally induced chaos!

Rooster Rock Fire Map, 08/06/2010, courtesy Central Oregon IMT.

Barack Obama truly has put the “mental” into “environmentalist.” He’s outdone decades of efforts by the KGB to weaken the USA from within, with the passage of one stupid bill. God save our country now. And I say that as an agnostic!

[Here] is a link to enlighten yourself about the trainwreck just thrust upon our nation, far worse than ANYTHING perpetrated by former president Jimmy Carter.

I can hear Jimmy Carter breathing a sigh of relief, to no longer be the worst president in history. I can hear the Russians breaking open champagne, the Chinese dancing in the streets, Kim Jong Ill preparing a speech about “victory over America” and Iran saying “at least we’re not so stupid we willingly run our own country into the dirt for the benefit of bunnies. Now we don’t need to bomb the infidels with nukes. Their pain under environmentalists is greater than any Allah could bestow upon them.”

Maybe Obama should have at least worked a real job before becoming president. Like working on a farm, before selling America the farm. Give him a basic understanding of how us taxpayers “earn” those dollars he’s throwing around loosely, through something called “sweat, blood and tears.”

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Just a little thing on your President

I’ve been following this big time at http://www.dangersofallah.com In the event you are interested, this has moved to a criminal complaint, charges filed, don’t believe this will be blocked, different circumstances, A.I.D has admitted it.

Just how cool would it be for Kenya to be the reason this guy finally swings? Rational thoughts while observing the passing charade, I’m J.C.