Who said Obama was nailed for just using one fradulant Social Security Card?


Comments by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

Obama Using Stolen Social Security Number(s)

Hum who said that? Well I guess it would have been me., when I posted: BREAKING NEWS – OBAMA CAUGHT USING STOLEN SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER”


This guy is such a con artist, and our elected officials are so completely spineless it’s time to turn them out and vote none of the above if they won’t honor their oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from what appears to be a foreign enemy.

(Before It’s News)

From Patriot Al Hendershot, who has done much research on this and also done Alabama ballot challenges.

It’s not news that “Obama” is using stolen Social Security numbers, but it’s newsworthy that the proof keeps getting more and more airtight.

When will MSM report this info, which has also been verified by Maricopa County, AZ investigators?

A travesty of justice that Linda Jordan was sanctioned for bringing such info to court. Please see our recent post on that and help her with expenses.

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The problem of using the social security number as an identifier is the fact that a social security card contains no biometric identifiers of any sort, making it essentially impossible to tell whether a person using a certain SSN is truly the person to whom it was issued without relying on some other means of documentation (which may itself have been falsely procured through use of a fraudulent SSN).

SSN-042-68-4425 is the number that Obama has been using since 1979 when he was 18 yrs old.  A number that he acquired from CT while living in HI?  Below is the stolen SSN number that Obama is using and it has been broken down so we can understand how a social security number derived.

As a result of the June 1936 decision, the current SSN is composed of three parts:

  • The first three digits are the area number  (042)
  • The next two digits are the group number  (68)
  • The final four digits are the serial number  (4425)

At the inception of the program, all SSNs were assigned and cards issued based solely on information provided by the applicant. However, in the 1970s, SSA began requiring proof of age, identity, and citizenship.

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Capone Was Nabbed For Tax Evasion – Will This Be Obama’s Downfall?


The Post&Email

by thinkwell

One of the reasons so many people question Obama’s legitimacy is that very odd and questionable circumstances exist about so many aspects of his life story.  Although most normal people have NO such issues clouding their backgrounds, if the Obots had to only explain away a single anomalous circumstance from Obama’s past, most people would probably let it go as a random unusual event and accept the Obots’ twisted “Rube Goldberg” stories in explaining it away. But Obama is a man for whom the normal events in his past are the seemingly anomalous events.

Obama and the entire government and media have presented this image as Obama’s birth certificate. If it was available all along, why did he not reveal it sooner?

Obama is a man who has a draft registration record that, because of its historically questionable number sequence, appears to be a recent fabrication (for a man of Obama’s age cohort, failure to register would bar one from ever holding any federal office, let alone the Presidency). (So much more below)

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Calling all Journalists, Obama’s multiple social security numbers, Obama’s mama’s mama had access to dead people’s social security numbers.

How long will the press continue to be dupes while the bloggosphere breaks the real news?  This guy has allegedly committed so many felonies, once proven he can plan on spending the rest of his life in solitary confinement. Random thoughts while observing the passing parade, I’m J.C.
As reported here, here, & now here, Barack Obama is reported to have multiple social security numbers tied to his name. Last year, two investigators searched numerous data bases and found that the social security number Obama is currently using is a Connecticut issued number and it was issued between 1977-79.

Further, the social security number assigned to Barack Obama may have been previously assigned to someone born in 1890.

It’s important to note that Obama’s grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, was a volunteer at the Oahu Circuit Court probate department and had access to Social Security numbers of dead people.

With this issue alone, you’d think this would be enough to warrant some type of investigation from the so-called free press.

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