Muslims Divided on Presbyterian Easter Egg Hunt

crew-2231Comments by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

Is there a problem here?  Who made the determination the so-called 46,000 Arab Americans get a vote?


How awful for Americans to refuse bend to   the will of Allah.

Muslim fanatics refuse to assimilate and demand that we go with their stone age belief systems.

Perhaps a better solution would be to send them back to sand land where they belong.

By Detroit Free Press (MI)

Leaders from Dearborn’s Arab-American community gathered at Cherry Hill Presbyterian Church Sunday morning, showing their support for what they call an event for the entire community that will include an egg hunt and relay race, among other things.

Osama Siblani, local activist and publisher of the Arab American News, said he believes recent news reports of concern over flyers being distributed at a public school in Dearborn for the church’s Eggstravaganza planned for Saturday did not reflect the feelings of the majority of the region’s 46,000 Arab Americans.


“We’re here to support the church as Muslims and Arabs,” he said Sunday morning, standing outside the church’s rear entrance with leaders from the church and the Arab-American community.

“We believe the church is doing the right thing bringing the community together, bringing our children together so we can understand each other and love each other.”

Attorney Majed Moughni, who is Muslim and has two young children in Dearborn elementary schools, told the Free Press last week that his children were upset by receiving at school the flyer for Eggstravaganza, which includes images of eggs and a bunny.(***They were? LMAO.

Odds the kids wanted the candy and the fun.

“My son was like, ‘Dad, I really don’t feel comfortable getting these flyers, telling me to go to church. I thought churches are not supposed to mix with schools,’ ” Moughni had said.

No, young future towel head and terrorist, perhaps it’s time for you and your dad to read up on the First Amendment, especially the part where it says, “Congress shall make no law.”

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Those Who Would Inflict Harm Upon Us And Can’t Be Called Islamic Terrorists, Party of Four, That’s Party of Four please, Party of Four

An excellent read by Alan Ceruba in today’s Canada Free Press. In a single page he covers the incompetence of the current administration in taking the Islamic threat seriously.

While the Narcissist-in-Chief is happily playing at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, he goes covert to not disturb the crowds. He,  for security reasons, change costumes. He is either roaming the park as Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Dumbo, and the long legged member of the seven dwarfs. Sleepy.

Lost  on me is the continued assertions by the msm and the clueless among us who try to tell us  that our actions caused them to hate us.  A Woeful misunderstanding of history at best. Christianity has always f0ught Muslims who attempted to force Islam upon the world since the Seventh Century. It’s their sworn duty, non believers the infidel must submit or die.  Perhaps those that continue to propagate these illusions believe their will be a place for their disinformation in the future.  Not likely.

We have fought them seven times in the past losing once. We must win this time because the stakes are enormously high. There is no room for failure. Not now, when we have one in the White House and in the Pelosi run progressive congress.  Random thought’s while visiting the passing charade, I’m J.C.

U.S. Anti-Terrorism Policy: Get Lucky

h/t 1dragon

Canada Free Press

“I know, too, that Islam has always been a part of America’s history.”

That’s what President Obama said in his Cairo speech, an early effort to reach out to Muslims throughout the Middle East and the world. The problem is, he is dead wrong. Muslims were not here     prior to or during the Revolution. They did not participate in the Civil War though for centuries they were notorious as slave traders. During World War Two they were on Hitler’s side.

And, over the weekend, a naturalized American, formerly from Pakistan, is alleged to be the man who tried to kill a lot of Americans in New York’s Time’s Square.

So, while not “always” having been part of America’s history, Muslims are currently leaving their mark on it in the twenty-first century.

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