New Book, ‘Clinton Cash,’ Questions Foreign Donations to Foundation

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A heads up to liberal writers who write for so-called prestigious papers like the Times and others.

It’s time to remember the old axiom, “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.”~ Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Democrat Senator from New York in the days when Democrats had not become today’s socialists, progressives and Marxists.

Fact based sourcing is used here by linking my opinions to numerous sources.

The book does not hit shelves until May 5, but already the Republican Rand Paul has called its findings “big news” that will “shock people” and make voters “question” the candidacy of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

“Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich,” by Peter Schweizer — a 186-page investigation of donations made to the Clinton Foundation by foreign entities — is proving the most anticipated and feared book of a presidential cycle still in its infancy.

The book, a copy of which was obtained by The New York Times, asserts that foreign entities who made payments to the Clinton Foundation and to Mr. Clinton through high speaking fees received favors from Mrs. Clinton’s State Department in return.

“We will see a pattern of financial transactions involving the Clintons that occurred contemporaneous with favorable U.S. policy decisions benefiting those providing the funds,” Mr. Schweizer writes.

His examples include a free-trade agreement in Colombia that benefited a major foundation donor’s natural resource investments in the South American nation, development projects in the aftermath of the Haitian earthquake in 2010, and more than $1 million in payments to Mr. Clinton by a Canadian bank and major shareholder in the Keystone XL oil pipeline around the time the project was being debated in the State Department.

In the long lead up to Mrs. Clinton’s campaign announcement, aides proved adept in swatting down critical books as conservative propaganda, including Edward Klein’s “Blood Feud,” about tensions between the Clintons and the Obamas, and Daniel Halper’s “Clinton Inc.: The Audacious Rebuilding of a Political Machine.”

But “Clinton Cash” is potentially more unsettling, both because of its focused reporting and because major news organizations including The Times, The Washington Post and Fox News have exclusive agreements with the author  to pursue the story lines found in the book.

Members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which includes Mr. Paul and Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, have been briefed on the book’s findings, and its contents have already made their way into several of the Republican presidential candidates’ campaigns.

Conservative “super PACs” plan to seize on “Clinton Cash,” and a pro-Democrat super PAC has already assembled a dossier on Mr. Schweizer, a speech writing consultant to former President George W. Bush and a fellow at the conservative Hoover Institution who has contributed to the conservative website, to make the case that he has a bias against Mrs. Clinton.

And the newly assembled Clinton campaign team is planning a full-court press to diminish the book as yet another conservative hit job.

A campaign spokesman, Brian Fallon, called the book part of the Republicans’ coordinated attack strategy on Mrs. Clinton “twisting previously known facts into absurd conspiracy theories,” and he said “it will not be the first work of partisan-fueled fiction about the Clintons’ record, and we know it will not be the last.”

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U.S. Military ‘Hostile’ To Christians Under Obama; Morale, Retention Devastated

crew-2231Comments by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper, Patriot and Infidel


All this in the name of an alleged homosexual commander-in-chief and his impotent members of the 6a00d8341c90b153ef01675f29c8b3970b-pioh so politically correct members of the pencil pushing Joint Chiefs of staff who would rather pander to “Their Leader,” than do the right thing.

First, Obama got rid of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell signed into law by Bill Clinton, now still in the pandering to the LGBT community  taxpayers are forced to pay for sex change surgeries among the confused individual who may fail to see this as their life style choice.

Of course it would be difficult for those in Washington to contemplate that some of these folks would join the military for a free surgery.


 Soldiers pray at military base; Cruz, Lee Fight for Religious Freedom for
Military Service Members

April 16, 2015

The Washington Times:


Soon there may only be atheists in the foxholes.

Christians are leaving the U.S. military or are discouraged from joining in the first place because of a “hostile work environment” that doesn’t let them express their beliefs openly, religious freedom advocates say.


Michael Berry, senior counsel at the Liberty Institute, a Texas-based legal organization dedicated to defending religious liberty in America, said recent high-profile cases of military chaplains facing punishment for private counseling sessions that reflected the teachings of their religion could cause devout Americans who are qualified for military service to think twice about joining the military.

In December, a chaplain for a Ranger training battalion received an administrative letter of concern after a soldier complained that he advocated Christianity and used the Bible during a mandatory unit suicide-prevention training session. The Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers said the chaplain “used his official position to force his personal religious beliefs on a captive military audience” in an article the group posted on its website.

And, last month, a Navy chaplain was removed from his post and may lose his career after some sailors complained about his private counseling, in which he reportedly advocated against homosexuality and sex outside of marriage.

“People of faith are going to stay away from the military,” said Mr. Berry in an interview with The Washington Times.

“I can’t tell you how many moms and dads I’ve spoken to who say, ‘My son or daughter wants to join the military, [but] in light of what you’ve described, I’m not sure I want to let them join the military anymore,’ and I don’t blame them. I would have serious reservations about my own kids joining,” Mr. Berry said.

This reporter is not ready to make the intellectual leap, that a program set in place allegedly,  will ever amount to anything.  This is the exact type of conspiracy theory material Alex Jones at Infowars finds himself making predictions, all be it never to happen.
17th-psyops-battalion-distinctive-unit-insignia-pairMy old unit long since decommissioned and renamed.
This is classic Psychological Warfare.  Psy/Ops used on the unknowing.
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ISRAEL: ‘Security Source Reveals IRAN Is Smuggling Rockets With Warheads To Hezbolla ‘

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper Infidel and Patriot.


The laughable clowns from the U.S. State Department, in their negotiations  with Iran appear to have failed in this situation as badly as they have with their attempts to dissuade the Iranians to shut down their continued uranium enrichment. 

How do you think a real president like Ronald Reagan would have handled this?


Israeli Media Sources



H/T Silent Soldier

AceNewsServices – ISRAEL:Featured Report:April.02: A senior Israeli security source revealed on Tuesday that Iran is smuggling rockets souped-up with advanced guided warheads to its terror proxy of Hezbollah in Lebanon, posing a direct threat to the Jewish state of Israel from right over its northern border.

IDF-LogoCol. Aviram Hasson, a leader in the IDF’s top-level missile defenses, brought up the threat at the Israel Air and Missile Defense Conference held in Herzliya, an event hosted by their HLS (Israel’s homeland security) defense website and the Israel Missile Defense Association.

The colonel said Iran is taking unguided Zilzal rockets and upgrading them into guided M-600 missiles by swapping out their warheads with more advanced components.

The Islamic regime is a “train engine that is not stopping for a moment. It is manufacturing new and advanced ballistic missiles and cruise missiles. It is turning unguided rockets that had an accuracy range of kilometers into weapons that are accurate to within meters,” he revealed.

Hasson stated that Hezbollah “is getting a lot of accurate weapons from Iran. It is in a very different place compared to the Second Lebanon War in 2006.”

The statements come the same day reports revealed the IDF had updated its worst case scenarios for a war against Lebanon for the first time since 2007. The assessment posited that Hezbollah would hit Israel with 1,000-1,500 rockets every day, and the number of Israelis killed daily will be in double or even triple

As far as what Israel can do against the major threat, Hasson said the “ultimate defense is a combination of counter-attack, active defenses, and passive defense,” with the later consisting of civilians following orders to stay secure.

American backing?


Also addressing the missile threat at the conference was Riki Ellison, founder and chairman of the US Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance.

Ellison remarked that the US has a policy of always leaving a warship with an Aegis naval missile defense system in the Mediterranean to provide Israel with defense from Iranian long-range ballistic missiles capable of hitting the Jewish state from Iran.

He described how the warship “can stand off the coast and shoot long-shots coming in from Iran.”

However, Ellison noted how the US wants Israel to complete developing its missile defenses for all ranges of missiles, through such systems as Arrow 3 and David’s Sling, which would free up the Aegis ships.

If needed the US could take its defense of Israel a step further, revealed Elisson, noting that Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) batteries could be deployed to secure the Jewish state.

Even as nuclear talks reached a deadline on Tuesday that was extended by the US, Commander of Iran’s Basij (volunteer) Force, Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqdi, said “wiping Israel off the map is not up for negotiation,” illustrating the dangers posed by the state’s nuclear program coupled with its missile capabilities.




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There is absolutely no way to determine how many lives his split decision action saved.

It’s time that those who deemed it appropriate to strip him of the Silver Star which was upgraded to the Distinguish Service Cross, spend a few months in an active theater of operation.


By Dan Lamothe / Washington Post


The secretary of the Army is defending his decision to strip awards for heroism from a former Green Beret officer, saying the soldier demonstrated a “lack of honorable conduct” after he earned the medals.

Maj. Mathew L. Golsteyn received the Silver Star in 2011 for valor in Afghanistan on Feb. 20, 2010, and was later approved for an upgrade to the even more prestigious Distinguished Service Cross. That award is considered second only to the Medal of Honor in recognizing heroism in combat.

Golsteyn was later investigated for an undisclosed violation of the military’s rules of engagement in combat — a violation related to the killing of a known enemy bombmaker, according to officials familiar with the case. The investigation closed in 2014 without Golsteyn’s being charged with a crime, but Army Secretary John M. McHugh made the rare decision to strip him of both awards anyway.

The move has been scrutinized by the media and criticized by Rep. Duncan D. Hunter (R-Calif.), a Marine veteran who has advocated on Golsteyn’s behalf. But McHugh stood by his decision in a new letter to Hunter, saying that the senior officer who initially approved Golsteyn’s Silver Star, Gen. David M. Rodriguez, agreed with his decision.

“Every step in the process of investigating Major Golsteyn’s actions, and reviewing and subsequently revoking his valor awards has been thorough, objective and justified,” McHugh wrote in the Feb. 26 letter, obtained by The Washington Post. “The Army’s investigation demonstrated that Major Golsteyn’s service during or at the time of the distinguished act, achievement or meritorious service was not honorable, which led to the revocation of the Distinguished Service Cross.”

So, this hero is being stripped of his awards for killing an ENEMY BOMB MAKER? By killing this scumbag he saved countless lives! This is completely insane!


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Scott Walker is Right, Leadership Matters More Than Expertise

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.


Indeed Governor Walker is correct.  Obama has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is possible “To lead,” with having no leadership ability and only the experience of a community organizing thug.

The real question this election, in which direction does the voting public choose to be governed? 


Front Page Magazine

wrThink of a mistake that we made in international affairs. At the time that we were making it, a phalanx of foreign policy experts was standing behind it. It might be a lonely orphan idea today, but last year you could have thrown a rock at a roomful of PhD’s without hitting a single person who disagreed with it.

When the Tahrir Square protests in Egypt were in their heyday, I had trouble finding any foreign policy people who would even entertain the idea that we should continue backing Mubarak. Back then the revolution seemed inevitable. But I correctly predicted Islamist takeovers and counter-revolution that would topple them because I didn’t see international relations through the lens of a grand theory.




Scott Walker’s claim that foreign policy is about leadership, not expertise, is being mocked now by media types who were relentlessly regurgitating all the expert truisms about the Arab Spring. But he’s right. Foreign policy expertise does not translate into foreign affairs competence. Leadership does.

Just ask John Kerry who has been flailing away at foreign policy for decades with all the ineptness of a drunken windsurfer in a tsunami. And no matter how many times he got it wrong, he remains convinced that this time is when he’ll get it right.



Foreign policy expertise usually means someone’s secondhand pet theory and a network of contacts. The difference between war and diplomacy is that while a battle plan doesn’t survive first contact with the enemy, a theory of international relations lingers on no matter how many good people it kills.

Most of the bad ideas that were around before Chamberlain brought back “Peace in Our Time” from a bad painter named Adolf are still haunting the halls of universities and government buildings. Obama’s foreign policy renamed those same bad ideas “Smart Power” while auditioning everyone from Vladimir Putin to the Caliph of the Islamic State to fill in for Adolf.

International relations is the only theory driven policy field more overrated than economics. And it’s hard to say which bunch of bad theories has done more damage to America.

Foreign policy leadership requires being able to read people and to translate national interests into international objectives. This is a skill set that any competent manager has. The two most common mistakes made in international relations are first, a dependence on grand theory over practical goals, and second, the false assumption that the other side shares your values and priorities.

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What ISIS Really Wants

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

The bone chilling account below will appear in the March issue of Atlantic Magazine.

It’s clearly time to begin a serious effort, not like the one being led by Obama to eradicate Muslim Jihadists and those who favor Sharia law from the face of the earth.

Members of the Islamic State have been using lies, deceit among other tricks of the trade which have been uncovered in the extensive read below.  Enjoy !



ISIS, ISIL or The Islamic State will not have its  dreams full filled without causing WW III or IV as I consider they last 10 years an undeclared WW III

Control of territory is an essential precondition for the Islamic State’s authority in the eyes of its supporters.

This map, adapted from the work of the Institute for the Study of War, shows the territory under the caliphate’s control as of January 15, along with areas it has attacked. Where it holds power, the state collects taxes, regulates prices, operates courts, and administers services ranging from health care and education to telecommunications.




The Islamic State is no mere collection of psychopaths. It is a religious group with carefully considered beliefs, among them that it is a key agent of the coming apocalypse. Here’s what that means for its strategy—and for how to stop it.

The Institute for the Study of War

The Atlantic, March issue.
Graeme Wood
March 2015


What is the Islamic State?

Where did it come from, and what are its intentions? The simplicity of these questions can be deceiving, and few Western leaders seem to know the answers. In December, The New York Times published confidential comments by Major General Michael K. Nagata, the Special Operations commander for the United States in the Middle East, admitting that he had hardly begun figuring out the Islamic State’s appeal.“We have not defeated the idea,” he said.

“We do not even understand the idea.” In the past year, President Obama has referred to the Islamic State, variously, as “not Islamic” and as al-Qaeda’s “jayvee team,” statements that reflected confusion about the group, and may have contributed to significant strategic errors.

The group seized Mosul, Iraq, last June, and already rules an area larger than the United Kingdom. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been its leader since May 2010, but until last summer, his most recent known appearance on film was a grainy mug shot from a stay in U.S. captivity at Camp Bucca during the occupation of Iraq.

Then, on July 5 of last year, he stepped into the pulpit of the Great Mosque of al-Nuri in Mosul, to deliver a Ramadan sermon as the first caliph in generations—upgrading his resolution from grainy to high-definition, and his position from hunted guerrilla to commander of all Muslims. The inflow of jihadists that followed, from around the world, was unprecedented in its pace and volume, and is continuing.

Our ignorance of the Islamic State is in some ways understandable: It is a hermit kingdom; few have gone there and returned. Baghdadi has spoken on camera only once. But his address, and the Islamic State’s countless other propaganda videos and encyclicals, are online, and the caliphate’s supporters have toiled mightily to make their project knowable. We can gather that their state rejects peace as a matter of principle; that it hungers for genocide; that its religious views make it constitutionally incapable of certain types of change, even if that change might ensure its survival; and that it considers itself a harbinger of—and headline player in—the imminent end of the world.

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Breaking: A new food source for Muslims

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.



Unfortunately not yet halal approved

Video H.T CmBlake

Infidel food rocks!



Mandatory feeding for all Muslim Islamic Jihadists on the Battle field.


I can smell the bacon burning at GITMO as I write.


crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.


The U.S. media would have us believe that those who fight for ISIL or the Islamic State do so because they are poor.


Until Turkey’s President, Edrogen, decides if he want’s to support Islamic Terrorism or fight it, Turkey must be put on suspension from our allies in NATO.

Do the women below look poor to you?  They have been brainwashed by their imam’s during services at radical mosques, largely funded by our “Friends, the Saudis.”


Three missing London schoolgirls ‘traveled’ to Syria to join Isil’Metropolitan Police ‘extremely concerned’ about three teenage girls from east London school believed to be attempting to travel to Syria via Turkey




The girls, all pupils at Bethnal Green Academy in east London, on CCTV at Gatwick Airport Photo: Met Police

The U.K. Telegraph

Police are appealing for help to find three schoolgirls who have gone missing and are thought to have travelled to Turkey with the intention of crossing the border into Syria.

Parents plea to their daughters to return home below. Good luck with that one !

They are Shamima Begum, 15, who could be using the name Acklina Begum, and 16-year-old Kadiza Sultana. The third girl, 15, is not being named at the request of her family, Scotland Yard said.

Police fear the girls, all pupils at the Bethnal Green Academy, in east London, might be heading to join terror group Isil – Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, also known as Islamic State.

They travelled from their homes on Tuesday, February 17 and boarded a Turkish Airlines flight to Istanbul.



Shamima Begum at the airport

Commander Richard Walton, of Scotland Yard’s counter terrorism unit, described the girls as “straight A students” and “normal girls”.

He added: “If we are able to locate these girls while they are in Turkey, there is a possibility we can bring them home to their families.”

Police said the girls were all close friends with a 15-year-old travelled to Syria in December.

The girls left their homes before 8am, giving their families plausible reasons as to why they would be out for the day, police said.

Instead they met and travelled to Gatwick airport. They boarded a Turkish Airlines flight, TK1966, which left for Istanbul, in Turkey, at 12.40pm.




Kadiza Sultana at Gatwick airport

Mr Walton said: “We are extremely concerned for the safety of these young girls and would urge anyone with information to come forward and speak to police.

“Our priority is the safe return of these girls to their families.

“We are reaching out to the girls using the Turkish media and social media in the hope that Shamima, Kadiza and their friend hear our messages, hear our concerns for their safety and have the courage to return now, back to their families who are so worried about them.”

He added: “We are concerned about the numbers of girls and young women who have or are intending to travel to the part of Syria that is controlled by the terrorist group calling themselves Islamic State.

“It is an extremely dangerous place and we have seen reports of what life is like for them and how restricted their lives become. It is not uncommon for girls or women to be prevented from being allowed out of their houses or if allowed out, only when accompanied by a guardian.

“The choice of returning home from Syria is often taken away from those under the control of Islamic State, leaving their families in the UK devastated and with very few options to secure their safe return.

“If we are able to locate these girls whilst they are still in Turkey, we have a good possibility of being able to bring them home to their families.”


Shamima Begum

Police said Shamina is 5ft 7in tall, and wearing black thick rimmed glasses, a black hijab, light brown and black leopard print scarf, dark red jumper, black trousers and jacket, carrying a dark blue cylindrical shape holdall with white straps.

Kadiza is 5ft 6in tall, of slim build and wearing black-rimmed glasses, a long black jacket with a hood, grey striped scarf, grey jumper, dark red trousers, carrying a black holdall.

Both are British nationals, speak English with London accents and also speak Bengali.

The third girl is 5ft 6in, of slim build, wearing black thick rimmed glasses, black head scarf, long dark green jacket with fur lined hood, light yellow long sleeved top, black trousers, white trainers carrying a black Nike holdall. She speaks English.

Scotland Yard stressed the appeal was not about “criminalising people, it is about preventing tragedies by offering support to the young and vulnerable”.

Anyone with any information should call the free phone Anti-Terrorist Hotline number on 0800 789 321.

Last year, twin teenage sisters, Zahra and Salma Halane, disappeared from their home in Manchester and flew to Istanbul, bound for Syria.

It is thought the girls, who were just 16 at the time and were academic high fliers, followed their older brother who is believed to be a jihadist fighter in the region.

The pair, who had dreamed of pursuing medical careers, later became jihadi brides, but were widowed when both their husbands were killed fighting for Isil.

Earlier this month, one of the sisters posted images from Syria showing her completing self-defence training with AK47s and handguns.

In December, it was revealed that a 15-year-old girl had been prevented from joining Isil after police dramatically stopped her flight on the runway at Heathrow.

The teenager, from Tower Hamlets, London, had secretly saved up money for her flight to Turkey, without her parents’ knowledge in the hope of travelling on to Syria.

But counter-terrorism officers, who had been tipped over about her plans, raced to the airport and stopped her plane which had already begun taxiing on to the runway.


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