Obama calls newborn baby a ‘fetus outside of the womb’

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist and Patriot

Wow perhaps Obama missed his calling and should have gone to medical school, become an Ob/GYN and become an abortionist.  His position is of course untenable.

As a State Senator he proved to be the Abortionists best friend making assumptions in the second video below if taken as true below participants in the process. 

It is well known by Pro-Lifers but not by the general public. The MSM has done everything to keep it that way. We must help get the fact out that Barack Obama strenuously defended the indefensible at least three times.

The procedure is frequently called “Live birth abortion” but it is not really an abortion at all:

The goal is simply to prematurely deliver a baby who dies during the birth process or soon afterward.”

Obama… “refused to protect babies who survived late-term abortions because he did not want to concede — as he explained in a cold-blooded speech on the Illinois Senate floor — that these babies, fully outside their mothers’ wombs, with their hearts beating and lungs heaving, were in fact “persons.”

Jill Stanek brought the born-alive infant abuse to light.

Jill Stanek brought the born-alive infant abuse to light.
“On the Illinois Senate floor, Obama was the only senator to speak against the baby-protecting bills.”

Obama fought it for three years as a Illinois state senator, even after it passed 98-0 in the US Senate as the Born Alive Infants Protection Act.

Barack Obama fought it even after NARAL “…released a statement that said, “Consistent with our position last year, NARAL does not oppose passage of the Born Alive Infants Protection Act.”

Barack Obama goes way beyond “choice on abortion”. This is outright murder.

Obama has repeatedly proven that he does not respect the life of born children. How can we honestly expect him to respect ours.

Americans must know about his repeatedly horrendous public policy judgments.

(LifeSiteNews.com) – Did Obama vote in favor of infanticide? Pro-life activists have long made the argument that he did, and that a conspiracy of silence from the mainstream media is the only thing that has prevented Americans from knowing the full extent of Obama’s extreme views on the abortion issue. Article below