No, the Tea Party isn’t just like the rest of America


Washington Post

An excellent review of the political leanings of those that make up the Tea Party movement.  In depth analysis of polling data suggests the myths may in some cases be true while others false.

These polls are actually pretty consistent with, if not demonstrative of, many folks’ impression that the movement is conservative, extremely anti-Obama and separate if related to right-wing GOP politics, consisting of disaffected but motivated voters, many without enthusiastic partisan allegiance. Random thoughts while observing the passing parade, I’m J.C.

Headlines this morning proclaimed all the nasty myths about the Tea Party that the media has peddled over the last several months to be “busted.” Four in ten Tea Partiers are Democrats or independents, according to a survey by a right-leaning polling firm. So, readers might conclude, maybe the Tea Party isn’t dominated by cranky right-wingers. Writes the Los Angeles Times’s Andrew Malcolm:

They’ve been portrayed variously as angry fringe elements, often inarticulate, potentially violent and merely Republicans in sheep’s clothing or disgruntled pockets of conservatives blindly lashing out at a left-handed President Obama and the same side of his Democratic Party finally getting its chance to drive home a liberal agenda after eight years of Republican rule and six under a centrist Bill Clinton.

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