Muslim sanitation: You can’t make this stuff up!


Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist and Patriot.

The concept of Muslims and sanitation seem a bit incongruent  when one considers they may practice necrophilia, that’s right though they dispute a man my have sex with his dead wife within 6 hours of her demise. 


It’s a way of saying good-bye, after all men treat women to terrifically while they are alive.

They also have sex with barn yard animals.  


What? You thought I would B.S. you?  Not a chance.

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Muhammad, Camel Urine, and Hygiene: A Response to Huffington Post’s Craig Considine


by Acts17Apologetics

Read the sources here.

Islamophilic Huffington Post contributor Craig Considine recently compared Muhammad to George Washington on the issue of personal hygiene. We have to wonder whether Considine has ever read the Muslim sources.