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Judicial Supremacy: How Did this Far-Fetched Claim Originate?

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

The entire notion is a misunderstanding and taken completely out of context.



The left uses it to adjudicate from the bench, i.e. judicial activism. 

If right leaning members of the Supreme Court did the same, abortion would be illegal already.


The Tenth Amendment Center

Michael Bolden

The supremacy of Supreme Court opinions in questions of constitutionality has evolved into an indisputable doctrine in the United States. Virtually nobody, particularly in the legal community, question the idea that the Court serves as the final decision maker when it comes to the Constitution. This view is nonsense.


Georgia Lawmakers Announce Bill Nullifying ObamaCare

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.


When Ben Franklin was asked by a woman following the Constitutional Convention, what have you given us?  He replied. ” the Tenth Amendments to the Bill of Rights, will you use it?


Tenth Amendment website here.

Georgia State Representatives Announce Legislation Blocking Implementation of ObamaCare


The Georgia State House: AP
By: Michael Boldin (Washington Times) 

Four Georgia State representatives announced today they would be introducing legislation to block Obamacare in their state.

Following the lead of South Carolina, where lawmakers are fast-tracking House Bill 3101 in 2014, the bill would, as Judge Andrew Napolitano said on Fox News this week, “gut Obamacare” in the state.

Based on the Tenth Amendment Center’s four-step plan to nullify Obamacare on a state-level, the legislation would ban state participation, assistance, or any material support for the Affordable Care Act.

State representative Jason Spencer (R-Woodbine) along with three other representatives will be holding a press conference on Monday, Dec. 16 to discuss the proposal.

“The bill’s main thrust is to prohibit state agencies, officers and employees of the state from implementing any provisions of the Affordable Care Act, leaving implementation entirely in the hands of the federal government, which lacks the resources or personnel to carry out the programs it mandates,” said Rep. Spencer in a press release.

Based on the long-standing legal principle, the anti-commandeering doctrine, the legislation is on strong legal grounds. In four major cases from 1842 to 2012, the Supreme Court has consistently held that the federal government cannot “commandeer” states, requiring them to enforce or expend resources to participate in federal law or regulatory programs. 

Read the full story at the Washington Times→

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Refuting more Historical Ignorance on Nullification

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist and Patriot.

The secessionist movement while interesting to contemplate can’t be taken seriously.

What those who abhor the Constitution want us to forget about is the 10th Amendment; and that’s not going to happen.


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For budget busting stupidity like ObamaCare, there are now 30 Republican Governors. 

When they begin to turn their back on federal health exchanges as some have already, the entire thing goes down as the financial fraud it has been since it’s inception.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve the message.

The website Human Events published an article by Jarret Stepman in which he attacks nullification advocates.  In his article, “Secessionists and Nullifiers won’t Succeed,” Stepman agrees that citizens must resist federal power.

“There are far better options on the table, and more legal ways for citizens to resist the power of the federal government.”

However, Stepman says that nullification is not the answer. (more below)

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Gov. Rick Perry‘s Scathing Letter to HHS Saying That Texas Won’t Implement Parts of ‘Obamacare’

Jason Howerton

The Blaze

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist

Fox News reports. If Texas follows through and refuses to implement the health insurance exchanges, the federal government can choose to enact the changes itself.  Fox News would do well to check up on the Tenth Amendment. This is not an issue pertaining to the U.S. Constitution it pertains to an unwanted law passed by a runaway congress and a Marxist “resident.”

See the Tenth Amendment Centers position here.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message


U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius should expect a scathing letter today from Texas Gov. Rick Perry explaining that the Lone Star State will not implement parts of the Affordable Care Act, affectionately known as “Obamacare,” even after the controversial law was upheld by the Supreme Court last month.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry Says Texas Will Not Implement Parts of Obamacare in Scathing Letter to DHS

Perry said in the letter Monday that Texas will not enact a state insurance exchange or expand Medicaid as laid out in the health care plan. The Texas governor previously joined other state lawmakers and vowed to fight Obamacare in court but never indicated his state would not comply with parts of the federal law.

(Related: TX Lawmakers Vow to Fight Obamacare, Ron Paul Explains Why Bureaucrats Will Call the Shots)

“If anyone was in doubt, we in Texas have no intention to implement so-called state exchanges or to expand Medicaid under Obamacare,” Perry said in a statement. “I will not be party to socializing healthcare and bankrupting my state in direct contradiction to our Constitution and our founding principles of limited government.”

From Perry’s letter (read all of it here): More below

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Tyranny Knows no Borders

The Tenth Amendment Center

by Igor Prohorov

EDITOR’S NOTE: Most Americans take freedom for granted. Igor Prohorov does not. He was born and spent his childhood in a country that suffered under one of the most tyrannical regimes in modern history.  His experiences, and those of his family, make his message that much more poignant.

I was born in small port-city of Kerch, Ukraine in 1986. Although I was only 11-years-old when I immigrated to U.S. with my family, I can still remember all the chaos that followed the collapse of the Soviet Union. Gangs ruled the streets; people were selling their own children at the Bazaars to get some money to buy food and pay rent. There was corruption all around, to put it simply.

Although these were tough times, the real tyranny was during the Soviet era. As many of you know, Stalin was a ruthless leader, a murderer who is responsible for more Russians deaths than even Hitler.

One of the people to suffer during Stalin’s regime was my step-grandfather. He was generous enough to sit down with me and tell his story, but was hesitant to go into many details. Alex (he refused to give out his last name), was one of the millions of people that were picked up on a random sweep by the security forces (KGB), and sent to Siberia to work in the Gulags. He was never given a reason for why he was arrested, and ended up serving a couple of years in the slave camps.

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Nullification our ticket to freedom and why the left doesn’t want us to know about it

Obama shreds the Constitution on a daily basis.

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Americans Push Back Against FDA Growing with the Tenth Amendment

Americans for Constitutional Government Reform/The Tenth Amendment Center

Comment by Jim Campbell

This brings new meaning to tell the Fed’s to back off as states begin to assert their Tenth Amendment rights.  For those that may have forgotten, The Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

Already four towns in Maine have passed similar measures, and others around the country have indicated they’re looking at the same.

A county assembly in Washington State has just passed a food freedom ordinance which would punish federal agents with up to ten years in prison and $20,000 fines.

by Harold
Bernie LaForest and Michael Boldin, TAC

On July 20th, the Stevens County Assembly finalized the ordinance. They are now in the process of collecting signatures from the residents of Stevens County – urging them to to claim his/her natural right to grow, produce, purchase, and consume the foods of their choice.

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General Misunderstandings about the Tenth Amendment clarified

by Michael Maharrey

Paul Abrams trotted out one of the favorite progressive arguments for virtually unlimited federal power in a March 9  Huffington Post article.

The good ole’ “general welfare” clause.

Abrams brings quite an academic pedigree to the party. Yale educated, summa cum laude, multiple advanced degrees…which goes to show an Ivy League education doesn’t necessarily guarantee a student will actually graduate knowing anything.


OK, perhaps that’s a bit harsh. He may be a fine lawyer and an excellent medical doctor, but a constitutional scholar – not so much.

Abrams’ argument goes like this.

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