Now here’s a shocker: US Postal Service Wants Out Obama Care

by Jim Campbell

Clearly that can’t happen.  The Supreme Court’s decision to be announced by mid June will determine the constitutionality of this sham.

Regardless, if government employees are exempt for Obama’s health care denial scheme, all democrat members of congress, and those working for the government  and its union members who tend to vote democrat must be treated too and by its wonders.

Why? Because of the time wasted, the games played in forcing the legislation through by democrats who voted for it without reading it, they must reap what they have sewn.
Apparently since it wasn’t the Post Office’s money using a failed business model for way to many years, while hemorrhaging red ink to the tune of multi-billion dollars per year, one of the few bright bulbs in management finally got a clue
The reader might ask, why are Fed EX and the United Parcel Service run profitably year after year?  O.K. that was a tough one, the are not among the failing programs run by our government.
In spite of government regulations and laws designed to make them struggle they refuse to do so. Federal Express opened today $92.32 per share while The United States Parcel Service is trading today at $82.62, just of its one year high of $81.79 per share.
These are not isolated incidences.  They feature common sense business models that chose to compete against essentially what was once a government-run monopoly. Think about that for a moment, these two companies, cost the taxpayer nothing, they provide better service, they pay their employees well, as they provide their own individual retirement programs based on participation in their respective retirement and investment programs.
It’s also time to bust the unions on this quasi government albatross providing no more pay and benefits to those they employ than those who have equal education and skill sets but are paid far less in the private sector.